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Glorifying God – There is No Program Available

I believe one of the words greatly misunderstood is the word ‘glory’ and its family. Is there a difference between the ‘standard of God’ and the ‘glory of God’ or are they the same? A standard is a basis for comparison; a reference point against which anything can be measured or evaluated.

Peace Maker – Joshua

Success in anything requires a lot of input as anything short of bringing out your best in any situation can cost a lot more than was ever put in. The game of football demands more than having a good talent and skills to thrill the world. It entails a lot of package which only few footballers have been able to unwrap in their carriers.

Civil Magistrates and God’s Law – Part Three

The only hope for this nation is found in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As Believers we must proclaim the forgiveness of sin in Jesus and the reconciliation of all things to the Father in Him (Colossians 1:20). If our Christianity is merely personal piety then it is not the kind of faith that God will use to turn this nation around. When we understand that Jesus is Lord of all of life, then we will begin to raise up a generation that is educated in applying God’s word to every aspect of this life and realm – including civil government.

Savings, Aborted – Jobs, Aborted – Benefits, Aborted – Retirement, Aborted

We can remain lethargic and not get involved with the choice a person makes, even though her or his choice affects our life. God let Lucifer make the choice. God provided the entire world for Adam and Eve to enjoy. God only asked that Adam or Eve not partake of the “fruits” of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. These are a couple examples of how making a choice against God relates to us. Those not believing in God have their own choice. More that 2000 years ago, a woman named Mary had a choice too. Mary knew that she needed to be married to a man to have a child when she questioned Gabriel. Today we claim to not know even when life begins.

Keep Christ in Christmas

Family, Christmas is and has always been a special time for us. It is a celebration, the birthday of Our Lord Jesus. It is a time of rejoicing, eating too much at times, and giving gifts from the heart, gifts that have meaning for us to the ones we love.

What Have I Discovered About Christianity? – Almost 50 Years As a Student

When I was a young man, I believed in Christianity, because everyone around me did. My mother and father took me to church and it was easy for me to adapt to these beliefs and this way of thinking. Remember, by now I had been going to school for a few years and believed everything that my teachers were teaching me.

All of the Evidence in Your Religion Tells the Truth, Doesn’t It?

If I asked you a question about your religion, would you be able to answer it correctly? Is it important for you to know the answers to questions about your religion? Doesn’t this make sense, if you believe in something, shouldn’t you at least know something about it?

The Cyclical View of History

Most Christians are products of the progressive education system developed by John Dewey in the middle of the 19th century. The religion of Secular Humanism has been a controlling force in America since John Dewey and his allies gained control of the education system. Because the religion of Secular Humanism leaves its devotees with no absolute standard or purpose…

2012 and the Rapture

With all the media-inflicted hype created recently by the 2012 movies, there has been an attempt to tie together the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ (as predicted in scripture), with the 2012 prophecies of the Mayans, Nostradomus, and others. Are these two prophecies one in the same?

How Important is it For a Good Christian Spirit to Tithe?

I am not going to list here all the scriptural references to tithing as there are numerous other articles on the internet that have done that extensively already, and a good Christian Concordance will offer a comprehensive list. Suffice to say there are several, the majority of wish appear in the Old Testament. The purpose of this article is to convey my own general view on the subject which may help those who feel guilty about not handing over ten per cent of their income to their local church.

Steps Christians Must Take to Mature Spiritually

Spiritual maturity can be an exciting and rewarding experience if we simply allow God to teach and guide us. When a person accepts Christ as their personal Savior, the Holy Spirit begins to guide that person to grow spiritually with the goal to “Be Like Christ” (1 John 2:6).

Success Through Spiritual Invocation Part 2

Some other people want to use spiritual means to draw a crowd of people to their shops, business centers, schools, and churches, etc. Let me tell you that there is an implication (a spiritual implication) for every charm you use to pull a crowd to your place of business. What you are doing is you are upsetting a spiritual balance to have your way and this will tell on you, now or on the future.

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