Hanukah and Parshas Vayeshev

The Bach writes in his commentary on the Tur at the beginning of Hilchos Chanukah, that the principle reason for which we were thrown into the hands of the Greek empire was because the Jewish people were lax in the Avodas Hashem. The Greeks forbade us to offer up the daily Tamid sacrifice in the Holy Temple, and the Greeks said, “there’s one Miztvah that they do, that if you can get them to stop that, then they’re finished – the lighting of the Menorah.”

What Is The Choshen? The Bibilical High Priest Breastplate of the 12 Tribes of Israel

A Choshen is a breastplate originally only worn by the High Priest of the Israelites. This particular breastplate bears many significant features that makes it an important part of Jewish history and traditions. The following paragraphs contain basic information about the role this important piece has played throughout the history of the Jewish religion and information about how it is still impacting this religion today.

Human Bondage in Hinduism

Within Hinduism there are two schools of philosophy which attentively attend to the problem of human bondage. These are those who subscribe to the theories of the Upanisads and the followers of the Yogasutras. The human bondage referred to is a confinement to the human condition and the chains of consciousness. According to the Upanisadic literature, karma ties one to Samsara, while in the Yogasutras cittavrtti’s bind one to prakrti. Consequentially, moksa (liberation) and its requirements are conceived of differently as well.

From Personal Guru to Universal Guru

Many schools of thought encourage a relationship with a personal guru. From these various traditions many ways of relating to the guru have emerged, yet time-tested wisdom continues to present us with a proper understanding of the various facets of this interaction. What does a guru do? What are the qualities of a good guru? How does one choose a guru? What is this relationship and experience like and how does it change? And most importantly, to what purpose does this personal guru ultimately serve?

Babylon (The Contemporary Christian Church) Is Fallen

Revelation 18:1-3 depicts an angel with great authority coming down from heaven and proclaiming: “Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, and has become a dwelling place of demons, a prison for every foul spirit, and a cage for every unclean and hated bird! For all the nations have drunk of the wine of the wrath of her fornication, the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her, and the merchants of the earth have become rich through the abundance of her luxury.” Then, in Revelation 18:4, the Apostle John states: “And I heard another voice from heaven saying…

Historic Revelations

A fresh look at Egyptian history can yield important new insights, provided that one does not allow oneself to stumble where others have fallen. For example, I have recently found, while studying the Egyptian Pharaoh known as Akhenaten, a long lost, treasure trove that can be described as nothing short of amazing. Perhaps you, too, will be so fortunate.

Biblical Canon

What is a good definition of the biblical canon and what is the basic criteria and chronology of the formation of the New Testament canon. Why did early Christians feel a need to establish an authoritative list of Scripture? And what element in the criteria is most important? Read this article to find out the answers to these questions.

Civil Government Has No Authority to Tyrannize Its Citizens: Unjust Acts May Be Lawfully Resisted

There is great difference to be put betwixt actual disobeying of, rebelling against, and violently, with force of arms, resisting the lawful magistrate’s doing his duty, and commanding just things, warranted by the laws of God and the land, and disobeying his unjust acts, and resisting his violent, tyrannical, oppressing, plundering, spoiling and killing armies. The former is a resisting of the very ordinance of God, forbidden Rom. xiii., where the Apostle is speaking of the civil magistrate doing his duty, and, in his place, as God’s deputy, exercising his office; but, in the other case, the magistrate is out of his function and calling; for God giveth no command to do evil, nor to tyrannise.

Hunting Ministries

Have you heard of Hunting Ministries? This article will share with you a new idea in the field of men’s ministry.

Persecuted Christians Want The Best For Their Nation and We Pray That Governments Would See This

Christians in many parts of the world are presently facing intense pressure. People lose their jobs and children may be hindered from further education. Some are imprisoned without trial in harsh conditions. In my prayer notes for Vietnam I learn that the Christian Faith is seen as a Western religion and is regarded as a potential threat to the authorities, and that is their reason for exercising strict control over the churches. In Vietnam, there are Christians who are accused of worshipping the “American God” and they are strongly encouraged to renounce their faith in Jesus Christ, or join the state-approved church where activities are strictly watched and monitored. We pray for the protection of disciples of Jesus Christ wherever they are undergoing persecution, no matter what form it may take, and we also pray that governmental authorities will come to recognise that believers in Jesus want the very best for their nation and will do whatever they can to bring that about.

The Difference Between the Son of God and the Son of Man

Most biblical interpretations of the “son of man” always refers to the lord Jesus Christ. In this article, the difference between Jesus and the son of man is clearly explained.

Dhammapada – The Treasure of Buddhism

Dhammapada is an anthology of verses attributed to Buddha. It is considered to be one of the masterpiece of Buddhist literature.

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