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The Search For St Peter’s Tomb

St. Peter’s Basilica in the heart of Vatican City is not only the largest of all the Christian Churches, it is also considered to be the “greatest of all churches of Christendom”. It is regarded among Catholics to be the spot where St. Peter himself was entombed.

The Secret to Your Success

I truly believe that each and every one of us wants to succeed in one thing or the other that we have laid our hands on to do, or for some of us – are planning to do. These things span from our living every day successfully, to relationships, our Personal walk with God, career, business, education, financial management, breaking old habits and learning new ones and so on.

Religious Myths Are Bringing the World to an End

With full memory of my last death and reincarnation, my life has been about unearthing the religious myths that people believe in. There remains the question that if their God is real then why are so many suffering and why is the world in such dire straits as to make its end inevitable.

Don’t Lose Hope

There are people who have nothing to look forward to. Without hope, without expectations, without something to look forward to beyond today, you will just give up. Yes, the Return of Christ is the greatest hope there is, but if you have no hope for this life, then you will give up and settle.

Calvin’s Judicial Murder of Michael Servetus

Calvin’s position on Servetus was made plain throughout the period of Servetus’ trial and final execution. He wanted nothing short of the death of the man who had dared raise his opinions against his. Calvin revealed a personality trait typical of men imbued with a deep sense of service to God in matters of high principles which are thought to absolve the “man of God” of all humane considerations.

Thor’s Hammer – Myth and Meanings

In Norse mythology Thor was the God of Thunder and the God of War and he carried a short handled hammer or Mjolnir, crafted by Dwarves, which he used to smash the heads of his enemies, especially Giants. The hammer was so heavy that in order to wield it, he had to wear a special belt, Meginjord, to boost his strength and iron gloves to enable him to lift it.

3 Tips to Dealing With Spiritual Pride

It doesn’t seem fair or right, but sometimes when you read the Bible and the Holy Spirit shows you things, the deep things, the profound things, you tend to get puffed up by your personal knowledge. This is a step toward spiritual pride. For knowledge without experience and the application of that Knowledge nearly always produces pride. So how do we deal with spiritual pride?

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ – Part 3 – Faith Toward God

Hebrews 11:1 may seem confusing, but two illustrations might help our understanding. The following illustration will help us understand the first part of the definition of faith, (“substance of things hoped for”).

Principles of the Doctrine of Christ – Part 2 – Repentance From Dead Works

How important is Repentance? It is the first principle of the Doctrine of Christ. Is it critical for the Christian? Yes. It is the first message that Jesus preached.

The Doctrine of “Never Dies”

What do you think about reincarnation beliefs? Have you come across anyone who believes in the doctrine of the dead hanging on to more life after they die?

Jesus Never Made a Mistake!

Someone is making people believe Jesus made a mistake by not writing His own accounts Himself and the four gospels which gave the account of Jesus were contradictory. Even went far by asking if Jesus Christ could read or write? Get some answers if you care!

As We Strive!

Are we children? Yes we are! I know that much Lord, and when we fellowship with you, when we live in your realm, we walk with confidence into the days, understanding that not only do we have your support, your guidance, but you put your word in our mouth according to your promise, and put an army of hosts around us if required, your word says so and we have personally experienced it, so we know so.

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