10 BENEFITS of Christian fasting

Overcome The One Thing That Holds You Back

Even if you believe now you are journeying through the valley of death, remember your final destination is the safety of a warm embrace and a loving home. To get to that destination do not squander your life, nor spend it frivolously; invest what you have in the lives of others. Only one obstacle holds you back. Overcome that one obstacle.

Yeast Really Does Permeate

Yeast is an amazing product. I have been using sourdough starters for years and have not had to use yeast in my recipes because someone, many years ago, made up the starters with yeast that still permeates my dough.

Death of the Ego by the Death of Christ

The death of old man, in the Bible, is the death of our ego, and the temptations cooperate for this purpose. By natural birth, the man does not have God’s nature. He is not provided of such a nature, and therefore he is unable to have fellowship with God while remaining in this simply natural condition, or as it is also referred in the Bible, as carnal. By natural birth, the man does not have God’s nature. He is devoid of such a nature, and therefore is unable to have fellowship with God while remaining in this condition simply natural, or as it is also referred to in the Bible, as carnal.

Expressed Gratitude

Why has God allowed us to see two sides of His chosen people? Why would one chapter show their shinning character and shortly after their miscues? As quickly as we settle into adoration of the Biblical character we are exposed to the flaws of their character. What is God showing us?

Temporary Hardship, Everlasting LORD

Even though our lives seem permanent here and now, there is something much more permanent – and ever permanent in its permanence – is the concept of eternity. The difficulties we experience now are hardly comparable with the glory we shall experience then. Bearing close to mind the hope of glory in eternity, our temporary difficulties and problems are put into perspective. Our problems are endurable.

Did You Know That Jesus Christ Is Coming Back?

Jesus Christ is coming soon and will he find you ready? Signs of his coming are everywhere today. I hope you are not still debating about giving your life to Christ. You may have tried many other gods here on earth but you still have no peace. If the god you worship is not alive, you are in trouble my friend because you won’t get any help.

Peace In Our Time

Is peace on Earth possible? Will we have peace in our time?

Christians – Cry!

You can read this title in at least two ways; as a simple fact that Christians, like all people, occasionally cry – we are not so hard-hearted after all! And then you can read it another way; as an appeal to cry, that in view of the shocking evils and suffering in our world, Christians ought to – even must, cry. But why would we want them to do this, what good would it do?

5 Great Quotes on Forgiveness

The faith involved in forgiveness has us blessed by God’s wisdom. Every risk of sacrifice is confirmed as courageous and right in the sight of God. Letting go of negativity and resentments is the biggest task in experiencing the grace of God.

New Amendment Uncensoring Religion

Religious differences in U.S. schools have never quite been a topic of widely open discussions presently, perhaps because of all the diversity and acceptance occurring simultaneously. Yet a new amendment passed earlier this week in Missouri, concerning school institutions and the act of praying, is steering up confusion and disagreement. Many are calling the amendment “the right to pray”.

No Easy Answers (A Sermon on Mark 8:27-38)

From the Book of Proverbs, chapter 1: 20 Wisdom calls aloud in the street, she raises her voice in the public squares; 21 at the head of the noisy streets she cries out, in the gateways of the city she makes her speech: Oh, if only life were that straightforward! Now I know it’s not a great way to start off a sermon – being critical of the Biblical text, but it has to be said that (at first reading at least) this text from the Book of…

Who’s Who In The Ancient Astronaut’s Bible

Since the idea of supernatural deities is nonsense IMHO, perhaps there’s another explanation behind the more likely as not reality molehill hidden inside the traditional religious mythological mountain. That explanation could revolve around an extraterrestrial flesh-and-blood alternative.

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