10 Reasons Why I Believe in the Resurrection of Jesus

Is the Bible the Written Word of God?

Did God really write the Bible? Did man write the Bible and then got everyone to believe that God wrote it? Did the Bible fall out of the sky, already written? There’s one more question that I would like to ask you before starting the article, Did man write the Bible but God told them what to write?

Secret Christian Conversion Tips – How to Help Your Fellow Christian

I often find myself involved in conversations with Christians and some of these Christians are trying to convert me, because they feel sorry for me. They fear that they will get to go to heaven without me and I will have to burn in eternity, simply because I don’t believe in their God or gods.

Learn About Early Christian History – Jesus, the Romans and Other Messiahs

Jesus’ life couldn’t have been easy and anyone who thinks that it was, probably needs to learn a little bit about what life was like when Jesus was alive. The Roman Empire was in its infancy and they controlled the community where Jesus lived.

Let The Young Lead Us

When Jesus said, “Let the children come”, he was giving us a precise instruction. The Bible, though an advocate for self-discipline, is also careful to point out the value of tolerance. Being child-like in your faith is the sign of a mature Christian. For those who understand it, this principle is not a contradiction. Having said that, are the youth of today capable of carrying the cross into the next generation and the years to come?

A New Era of Faith

We are perhaps no more than a generation away from the end of church as we know it. I see no enthusiasm from the youth, nor sufficient appreciation, to sustain the ancient practices and rituals that have come down to us through the ages. Of course, the end of church as we know it does not mean the end of church, nor the end of Christianity.

Faith and the Example of the Bat

I remember years ago when working night shift I was dwelling upon the Lord and thinking about faith. When… My eye was taken with a bat that had found it’s way inside the factory. I stood there and watched it in amazement.

It is Not Mind Over Matter

This a very important point. It’s not mind over matter. It is JESUS over matter.

We Need His Faith

Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to earn our blessings from God. Sure we want to do the right thing and please our heavenly Father but make no mistake it is not by our good own good works or righteousness that we get results. It is by the faith of Jesus and his righteousness that things happen.

Lord, Increase Our Faith

If you had a servant that you could utilize to do things for you such as chop the wood, clean the house, wash the dishes, and do all manner of other chores on your behalf would you use that servant or just let him or her sit on the lounge all day watching television. I am here to tell you today you do have a servant that can get things done for you and most of you are not using that servant at all. That servant has an interesting name.

The Power of Faith

In this article I want to demonstrate to you how faith is the most powerful force in the entire world. You can have your uranium and all of the other stuff because nothing can compare to the power of faith. Just the smallest particle of faith can do so much.

The Power of Unfaith

Okay, I know unfaith isn’t really a word but hey, it describes very well what we are about to read. James 1:6-8 – But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering. For he that wavereth is like a wave of the sea driven with the wind and tossed.

Changed by Jesus Christ

Jesus changes us. It’s incredible what has happened to us. We have to be careful not to turn into zombies and forget what we have come to – which we can do.

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