10 things that will CHANGE your life in 2022

What About the Second Coming of Jesus?

As a teenager, I was hooked a book about the second coming of Jesus. I found the idea exciting and energizing. It made religion seem relevant and kind of mystical, and it prompted a renewed interest in my faith journey. That interest then prompted a series of conversations with my father, a pastor, and also years of reading and studying apocalyptic literature. Now that I am a good deal older and I have come to very different perspective on interpreting Revelation, but I have retained that sense of excitement and energy on my faith journey and of joy in helping others on theirs.

The True Gospel of Jesus Christ

Let me help you understand what the gospel is and is not. Also I want to make sure you hear it correctly so you too can come to the knowledge of Jesus Christ and be saved.

The Fear of God That Saves

This is about the Fear of God. All genuine Christians MUST have the Fear of God which is imparted upon salvation. It is the hatred of sin without this one will be lost forever.

The Holiness of God

What does it mean to be Holy? What does it mean for God to be Holy. Should we compare ourselves with Christ? Will we fall short? How should we look at ourselves?

Baptism Party Planning

A baptism celebration is a once in a lifetime event, and quite possibly the first big experience of your infant’s life. Here are a few suggestions to make the event planning easy. Typically christenings occur right after the birth, but these days the criteria is far more flexible.

Heaven, Hell and Reincarnation

Even before really looking into it for many years I considered the whole heaven and hell business to be suspect. I suspected that it was an invention to control and manipulate the masses into pacification.

The Flame And The Sword

Did you know that God has sealed instructions for every one of His children? The only problem is that we have to learn a new language in order to understand those instructions.

The Love Of God (Allah) Supersedes The Love For Every Other Thing Material

Love is a divine gift that God has implanted between His servants so that, with it, they can seek His pleasure and hope for his mercy and forgiveness on the Day of Judgement. It’s therefore, imperative that all lovers who have Faith conduct their romantic relationships in accordance with what has been ordained by God – not as they wish. The fact that God is the fountainhead of all love, our Sustainer, and Nourisher, our relationship and love for Him should take precedence over our relationships with, and love for one another.

The Roads To Victory

Forgiving someone who has caused you to suffer either emotionally or physically is sometimes a very difficult undertaking. Will we travel the roads of bitterness and anger or is there another road we need to discover?

Life After Life: Where Do The Dead Go? Part 2

This article traces the journey of a dying good man from death to Paradise. It gives the names of the planes he had to pass through on its way and briefly states what he meets on the way.

Who Is Jesus: God, Son of God, or a Man?

We call Jesus the Son of God and Jesus called himself the Son of Man, but what’s the difference and does it matter?” In other words, “who is Jesus? That is a pretty straight-forward question and deserves a straight-forward answer. This article provides an honest answer, but it also address the much deeper answer to this question.

The Pests In Our LIfe

My family has been battling this entity in the house. It began when the temperatures outside dropped near freezing, the trees became devoid of leaves and the days got shorter. First it started with a little scratching above my head, coming from the ceiling. It was consistent and very persistent an hour before sunrise at the same spot every morning. An hour or two later I would hear what sounded like feet scampering across the ceiling in the living room, just above this huge picture window that is in front of my work station.

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