Compassion – The Illusive Goal of Organized Religions

The primitive ego of our inner-child uses black-and-white beliefs to keep our world simple and safe. Because of our primitive ego’s insistence that our beliefs, especially our religious faith beliefs, represent absolute truth, there is no way we can avoid offending those who disagree with us unless we can develop true compassion.

Sexual Preferences

Where to begin with this article? Recently in the news there were protest by some members of a local church expressing their hate and discontent with the gay and lesbian community. With signs stating how God hates the homosexual, these protesters truly believe they are doing Gods work.

When Your Wounds Won’t Heal!

Nobody knows better than Jesus, about hard times, nobody understand more than Jesus about trials and tribulations, nobody has more experience than Jesus about pain and suffering; nobody will live through anything which Jesus has not lived. He has the healing power to make right every wrong, to bring peace in the midst of the storm, to heal the wounded heart, to mend the broken soul, to soften all rough edges, to turn hatred to love.

Stepping Out in The Kingdom of God

In Christian Discipleship, citizens of the Kingdom must learn to step out and have a positive effect on their surrounding neighbourhoods. To do this they must be suitably equipped with the qualities that are discussed in this article.

Theonomy Prepares The Way For Theocracy

Having a clear understanding of theocracy is important is because many people today who are seeking to bring modern social architecture in line with biblical law are being accused of trying to establish a theocracy. There is incredible awakening happening right now that seeks not to establish a theocracy politically, but rather a theonomy. A theonomy is the rule of God’s law. It is important that we define the distinction between theocracy and theonomy so that we can make the vision which we are seeking to establish clear.

Evidence For The Resurrection Of Christ

The crux of the Christian faith is the death and resurrection of Christ. While many non-believers have set out to disprove the resurrection, often their efforts have actually provided solid evidence establishing that Christ did indeed rise from the dead.

Stepping On in The Kingdom of God

Jesus wants to be, and needs to be at the centre of our lives. When we enter into God’s Kingdom we come under a new master. No longer do we live to please self but we live to please Jesus.

Stepping Into the Kingdom of God

When a person becomes a Christian they become citizens of the Kingdom of God – The Bible says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 that they are new creations, that new life has come and that the old life has gone. Also, in Romans 8:1 it states that there is no condemnation for those who believe in Jesus. It is important for everyone to have assurance and to know who they are in Christ and the benefits they receive, as well as knowing that each one is a child of God, and that they are part of his family.

Protecting Even the Most Offensive of Speech – Quran Burning Day

This coming Sunday a small church in Florida is planning to have a “burn a Quran day”. This in turn has sparked protests around the Muslim World and has even forced General Petraeus to make a comment saying how the event could cause danger to the military personnel abroad.

The Real Mark of Christianity (Engaging the Fruits of the Spirit)

In the midst of growing political, social, and cultural divisiveness, there has been a lot of chatter lately about what true Christianity is or what defines a true Christian. Some people accuse other of not being “true” Christians because they have certain political ideas, belong to a certain church, engage in certain activities, or don’t engage in certain activities.

Inside My Concordance – A Super Bible School Activity for Elementary Kids

Do your kids know how important God’s Word really is? Do they know how to use a concordance to help them study God’s Word? If not, then try this fun Bible school activity to help them grow in both of these areas…

The Life Giving Purpose of Rosh Hashanah and the Days of Awe

No matter what your faith the meaning of Rosh Hashanah and the Days of Awe have tremendous implications for your own spiritual journey because they are based upon deep human needs and longings. Find out just how much these holidays really reflect the preciousness of life and the need to be forgiving and to receive forgiveness and love. And find out what three books are opened in heaven.

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