Inspired by God

How do we know the bible is the inspired Word of God? How do we apply the bible in our lives? Why is it so easy for us to believe sportscasters but not the Apostle Paul?

Salvation, Discipleship, Repentance and ‘Cheap’ Grace

Spiritual growth is a passion of mine for the very reason that I never really ‘got’ Christianity for nearly the first 13 years I was a Christian. I had been baptised, but not discipled. I could try to lob the blame onto the pastors of that day, but there was a reason I was uninterested. I hadn’t really understood the real need of grace in my life. I probably understood the role of sin in my life, but I didn’t understand how much it distanced me from God when I engaged in it, because I took grace for granted. I had been forgiven! But my understanding of grace was it was a very cheap thing.

Grace – God Saves Helpless Sinners

This short article deals with the greatest of all subjects; that people do not merely need more possessions and positive relationships, wonderful families, impressive connections, or less anxiety and better health, a career with fine prospects, a sparkling personality, a high I.Q, stunning looks and matching self-esteem. As good and desirable, or as frustratingly elusive as these may appear – ultimately above and beyond all else, we need God. Let me explain why.

Where Are The Sons and Daughters?

My experience has been that the Lord does not move me to a hopeless ministry situation when I am full of strength and coming off a great victory. No, the Lord usually comes to me when I am totally defeated, when I no longer have any more answers. When I am so weary I tell the Lord, “please don’t send me to another ministry situation, I have nothing to give or offer them!” I have also found that the way He often gets me there is because I have no other place to go. I simply go in faith not strength.

When Work Is a Delight for the Love of God

There is no advantage for the worker unless the worker works as if they are advantaged. They have everything they need in Christ already, so, to work for the glory of God; that is regarded as honour, and, because God has put breath in our lungs and energy in our muscles and synapses in our mind and right throughout our organism, we are blessed in our work, already.

Father and Sons Walking Together

How blessed Elisha is too have found a man who can teach him the “crucifixion of the flesh.” I know of many fine leaders today who really know how to discipline themselves, but few who understand what it means to “crucify the flesh.” To fail to understand this truth will bring disciplined and gifted leaders to the forefront, but when these same leaders face the choice of the ultimate test they will all too often make the choice of Saul.

The Father’s Gracious Will

The Father’s gracious will favours the patient and humble person, not getting ahead of themselves. God’s will is revealed to the patiently humble person, but it is hidden from those who are spiritually proud.

Apostles, True and False

Scripture seems to be complete regarding what is and is not an apostle. With the myriad of confusing descriptions in our own generation, it’s good to have a solid answer when someone asks. And they will ask.

Reminders of Our Worth In God

We may all have worth issues; times when, for high ground or low, we find we have no place of spirit or identity in the world; where we feel unworthy, for no want of external reminder that we are. We may be told, “You are worthy,” but we can’t quite believe it – our instincts tell us something quite remarkably different. We feel isolated, confused, alienated; abandoned perhaps.

Authority Over Demons

True spiritual authority comes from abiding in the Kingdom. We have authority “in His name”- we can use it if we are on His mission. He sent out the 12, then the 70, with authority to heal and cast out demons… when we go out on His mission we stir up the evil one and we have to be prepared to deal with him.

Paul, On His Apostleship

What did the apostle Paul think of his calling to be an apostle? How clear was it? How specific? How different from “apostolic” calls today?

Let Us Cross Over To The Other Side

There is an opposite side to everything. The opposite of sickness is health; the opposite of poverty is wealth and the opposite of sorrow is joy. Is it not time for believers to cross over into the land where there is no want? Yes it is time and the Lord is ready to take us there because He has given us everything that we need to live an abundant life, it is within us.

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