Everyday Walking, Talking Prayer

Many people have ill-conceived notions on how to pray, and when, and so forth. As the Presence of God is entirely present, so too is the opportunity to pray. Prayer is simple and is best left simple. And prayer is not just talking, it’s listening too. But still there is a deep mystery surrounding prayer.

Little Children Love Jesus

Adults can learn a lot from little children. Little children love Jesus.

The Vatican Should Not Control the Use of Catholic Domain Names

The Vatican paid $185,000 and made application to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers otherwise known as- ICANN. If approved this would allow the control of the use of the word “Catholic” in a dot catholic domain name address. I am against this application unless it can be modified to Roman Catholic.

Utmost Comfort From Abba Father

Parental perspectives dominate in life. Our perceptions of life are heavily dependent on how we were brought up, and how we interact with family. Our parents have been keys regarding our wellbeing. Mothers and fathers, alike, no matter how good they were or are, have marked us. We are the people we are, today, because of parental influence or lack thereof. A wondrous component of and provision for faith, it is then, that we have a Parent in Heaven. Our Father, in spite of earthly models differing, is perfect.

The Inheritance of Faith

By faith we are recognised as possessing what is freely inheritable in the world: the skill for living in obedience to God. Trust unites with revelation to become faith.

A Better Way Than Judgment

As the same-sex marriage debate heats up, and builds to the inevitable society-imploding crescendo (and this should be our biggest fear), there is a far more insidious dogma at the forefront of the dilemma. Perceptions of judgment, the matter of being judged, and matters of discrimination – whether right, wrong, or otherwise – are the immediate threats in these last days of the world. But there is a sounder outlook.

Gentleness for One’s Soul

When we practice gentleness we become known for our gentleness. In other words, when we lavish gentleness upon ourselves, being our best advocate, we tend to be advocates for others, and we are gentler with them, too. Being our best advocate is simply agreeing with God – who is a better advocate than the Spirit of Advocacy?

Praying For The Nuns In Their Attack From Church Hierarchy

This article is about a recent prayer service for the Catholic Nuns under fire from the Vatican. Strangely, it didn’t inspire me, or move me or even make me angry. Until later.

Christian Meditation Is Just “Being” With God

In the simplest terms, Christian Meditation is “Being with God.” It is dwelling in his presence. It is coming and sitting before God without an agenda; it is simply being with God for the mere pleasure of being with God.

Evangelism: Should It Be Attractional or Missional?

Churches often debate the best way to reach new converts. Some want to have events in the church building. Others want to go outside the church to interact with people. It does not have to be one way or the other. Churches can mix the two styles of evangelism up and discover methods that work best for them.

I Find This Honest

“Live in peace with all men, as far as it depends on you.” I find this an honest way to go about when we differ on religious grounds.

What Should Be Chosen As a Weekly Torah Reading?

A weekly Torah reading is a very special thing for those who are fortunate enough to get to listen to them personally. This is because they all come directly from the Torah, which is one of the most beloved of all Jewish documents that was ever created.

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