17 Yr Old Delivered & Now Bringing Revival to her High School & Beyond

Should Man Live According to the Bible?

God is the only one and true absolute. It is true that man should live according to the bible. This is the word of the true God. There are many blessings of obedience or living according to this word.

The Big Questions: If God Isn’t God, Then Who Or What Is God?

Assuming that God or the gods (i.e. – Zeus, etc.) weren’t totally fabricated out of whole cloth, yet there are no real supernatural all-knowing and all-powerful beings, then maybe, just maybe, the gods, including God, are extraterrestrials. If God isn’t really God, who is God? Well, IMHO, God isn’t God, since God is a flesh-and-blood extraterrestrial (ET)!

LDS Missionary Plaques For Ward Meeting Houses

A missionary plaque is a small block of wood with 2 pieces of thin engraved metal, one piece includes the mission name, and a small outline of the mission area where the missionary is serving such as a state or country. The other piece of metal has an engraving of the missionary’s favorite scripture. Then a picture of the missionary in a mission suit is included.

The Scroll of Revelation, 6 – God Speaks to the Churches (2)

The corrupt church, the faithful church, the dead church… all with us today, proving that the letters to the churches are merely letters to churches and nothing more. The whole “church age” theory is fascinating, but no one has been able to make it “fit” as yet!

The Scroll of Revelation, 7 – The Laodicean Church Lives Today

Difficult reading here. Too late, many of us realize that being in a land of blessing was more dangerous than in the lands of poverty, eternally speaking. We must heed the serious warning of the Spirit.

Archangel Metatron’s God-Name of Yehwah (Jehovah), And How Religion Was Formed to Control the Masses

Archangel Metatron is the Voice of God and one of his God names is Yehwah; pronounced from Jehovah. The Creator God, light, the one conscious energy, wants us to become aware of the truth about why Religion was formed, to keep the masses under control as a result of greed, and the need for political power and control, by a wealthy few.

Are You Going in the Wrong Direction?

Have you gotten off track with your ministry? Have you started something that isn’t working out? Church leaders are bound to take the wrong road from time to time, especially when we are venturing into new territory.

Preparing for the Wedding Feast

Imagine the scene of the ancient Hebrew wedding tradition. While the groom prepared a house for them, the prospective bride prepared her wedding gown and other preparations.

How to Turn Your Plateau Into a Positive Place

If you’re in between projects at your church, why not camp out at the plateau for awhile before you jump back into action? It may sound counter-productive, but here are five ways to turn your plateau into a positive place.

The Scroll of Revelation – 4 – A Revelation of Jesus Christ

Lots of folks claiming they have seen the Lord, they have been to Heaven, or Hell. Lots of trafficking with angels going on. All spoken so casually and glibly. I for one do not deny the distinct possibility of Heavenly visitors and visitations of all sorts. But I expect them to have at least as profound an effect on the mortal as Revelation’s visits did on John. Here is the last of the 12, strong, mighty in God, trembling before His visitors.

The Scroll of Revelation, 5 – God Writes to the Church (1)

No hint is made that the seven churches of Revelation represent seven ages. It is not clear how that theory arose. What is clear is that your church, no matter its chemistry, is described by one or more of the letters of Revelation. There’s something for every church of all time.

Has God Abandoned America?

The Bible is a wonderful book full of wisdom and knowledge for those who seek its truth. Once the truth is found one should not to be afraid to proclaim it is the power that raised up Christ from the dead and quickens the mortal bodies of those who believe unto Salvation. Therefore, the lives of those who have been quickened or made alive to God and dead to sin should exhibit the righteousness of God in their lives as they live by faith.

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