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The Basics of Christian Faith and Practice

Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that through his death on the cross and resurrection he has given humanity the gift of eternal life. They also believe in the Holy Spirit, who is God’s presence in the world.

Christians worship God to praise him, thank him, seek guidance from him, feel closer to him, and gain a sense of reassurance that he is present. They do this through a variety of different Christian practices, including liturgical (formal) and non-liturgical (informal) worship services.


Christians are commanded by Jesus to love one another, serve others, encourage their faith, admonish them when they sin, and share their burdens with other Christians. They also are obligated to keep their faith in Christ, and to read their Bibles daily.

Casting out demons

Demons are real, and they still affect people today. Christians can learn how to cast out demons, and some believers are especially gifted and anointed by the Holy Spirit to minister in this area on a regular basis.

Healing the sick

Throughout his ministry, Jesus healed many of those who were sick. He did so because he was moved with compassion for them, and because he felt deep sympathy for their suffering.

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