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A Prayerful Paraphrase of Psalm 139

O LORD, my God, you have dug down deep into my heart and no one knows me like you do. You have restored me to myself. Knowing my every move, when I wake and fall asleep and all between, you know my thoughts – all my secret thoughts – from wherever you are. I can keep nothing from you. And still you love me!

God Wants Your Faithfulness

You cannot reach God without faith. That being so, it is imperative that we get some. And in order to get some, we have to know what we are looking for. Thankfully, God leaves clues…

Bible Study on Revelation 5: Why Was the Lamb Considered Worthy to Open the Book?

The vision of John as recounted in Revelation 5 is about developments in the heavenly courts that set the stage for the opening of the seals in the next chapter. The vision of this heavenly scene had its beginning in chapter 4 where the prophet saw the setting of thrones in place as if a judgment sitting or tribunal is about to be in session. It seems as if the opening of the book was the center of attention in this sitting and that somebody who is worthy to open that book must be found.

End of the World Countdown: Putting the Rapture Doctrine Under Apostolic Scrutiny

Where a focus on events surrounding the Second Coming and the end of the world is concerned, there are several different views that are floating around in theological circles. The doctrine of the rapture seems to be one such teaching in which there are strong opinions on all sides. One of the things I notice about the use of the word ‘rapture’ is that whenever it is used it automatically conveys a certain meaning that can only be associated with a particular religious fraternity.

The One Thing Everyone Wants

Every single human being, every one – no exceptions – all crave, desire, yearn for one thing. A person’s race, ethnicity, or geographic region doesn’t matter or influence this desire in any way. A man’s or a woman’s wealth and riches are of no consequence. Cultural preferences and societal pressures don’t matter. We all want the same thing. We covet, hanker for, and seek out the one elusive but infinitely fulfilling thing.

Universalism and John

The final words of Scripture cement the theme we have uncovered time and again: salvation is not universal. Judgment is coming. Eternal judgment.

Unity With Diversity

I, therefore, the prisoner of the Lord, urge you to live in a way that is worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, along with patience, accepting one another in love. Do your best to maintain the unity of the Spirit by means of the bond of peace. There is one body and one Spirit.

Engaging In Kind-Hearted Reflections

Designed and built to interact with each other, we humans are naturally intuitive in perceiving one other. If we get out of the wrong side of the bed in the morning, and tear the place up as we get ready, we can expect the energy of our aggression to rub off on others. Likewise, when we aim to interact with care and concern we inspire the same qualities in those we interact with. Curse, and we become a curse; bless, and we become a blessing.

Suicide and God

I was searching for keywords yesterday trying to find out how to get found by Google. I can’t even remember the topic or keyword phrase that led me to this subject but I knew it had a need to be addressed. I wondered, how do you sell a person anything that is at a point in life where they want to commit suicide?

5 Ways to Disciplined Thinking

The secret behind achieving our goals is self-discipline and that relies upon sound thinking. When our thinking is disciplined we prove our faith and we can achieve a great deal. When we sidestep compromise, not conforming to the world, we allow God’s Spirit to renew our minds and our disciplined thinking means our goals are achievable.

Universalism, and Hebrews

8 of 13 chapters of Hebrews talk of God’s irreversible judgment. A most serious confrontation to the doctrine of universalism.

Hated By the World, the Begotten of God

When we understand that faith is the method to get us through all circumstances, then we have strength; the matchless, immutable strength of the Lord. Faith can get us through all circumstances of conflict. By faith, alone, we are begotten of God.

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