5 Reasons to FAST! Increase Your Fire for God!

Roman Emperor Constantine, the Catholic Church and How All of Christianity Was Born of His Work

The spiritual people of God have been tested as the fire of refinement was introduced to catch them in it. It was done through the religions born of 666 and the lies that were imposed over them.

Which Apostles Wrote the New Testament and Who Published the First Bible?

The fraud surrounding the invention of Jesus Christ and the authorship of the New Testament are part of the great Roman conspiracy to hide the real God and the truth. It was organised and commenced by Emperor Constantine who is 666 in the bible.

The Evil Work of 666 and His Effect on the World Today and Climate Change

The effect of the religions established as the result of Constantine’s creation of Christianity and its false gods is to bring this world to an end. He was not concerned with their spirituality but only their obedience to improve the control he exercised over all people of his empire.

What Can You Do With A Degree In Religion?

Those who are currently pursuing, or who are considering pursuing a degree in religion may have certain expectations associated with this degree. Individuals who hear of this degree may believe those who have earned a degree in religion may only be able to enter careers in the religion field. In fact, religious studies can be beneficial to many different fields because of the certain skills learned during a student’s time at an institution.

Who Wrote the Book of the New Testament and Produced the First Bible?

What Constantine did in establishing the Catholic Church and inventing Jesus Christ is paramount to a major crime. Jerome was acting on orders and simply followed as a cohort in a giant conspiracy to hide the Spirit of God.

The Reincarnation Truths That Hurt Religions and Will Undo the Lies

Religions prey on people’s gullibility to believe what they are told rather than what they see. There is no heaven and hell because they cannot be found and the Spirit has never fathered a child, so there is no Son of God.

The Roman Conspiracy From the Council of Nicaea and Constantine Is 666

the Council of Nicaea was the tool used by Constantine to change the world order. He enforced his will over the world through both the religious perspective and the commercial greed that brought about the dark mountains.

Bible Verses That Can Help With Your Walk in the Spirit

Many are trying to find their way to God but are stumbling over the religious prophets and lies that threaten their existence. The bible denies the existence of anyone but the one Spirit of the Universe and that is what they will eventually come to accept.

The Suffering in the World Is Controlled by 666

There is no doubt that the earth is under extreme stress and will fail to support life within a few years. The consequences of what he has done has made the man numbered as 666 the most vile person who ever lived.

The Cement of Philosophy and Religious Rules and Ideologies

There is a barrier between the real God and people that prevents the majority from finding the truth. Built of the many philosophies and mad-made rules and encumbrances it is as strong as if created of bricks and mortar.

Christianity Seems So Weak – Has It Lost Its Way?

It all seems so bland, so pathetically inoffensive; when Christianity ought to be seeing Christ’s kingdom advancing into the darkness of unbelief. Why is there so much worldliness, so much heart-breaking compromise and so little capacity to resist it? At times we wonder, ‘where is God in all of this. Has he withdrawn his favour, where are the days of great harvests and overflowing revival blessing? Just what in the world is happening?’

Growing in Our Prayer Life

In 1877 Benjamin Franklin wrote in his second volume of the book The Gospel Preacher that, “There is probably no better test of faith than prayer. Men that have no faith do not pray. There can be no reason in praying without faith.

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