The Hands and Feet of Jesus

In the Bible, Jesus refers to us as his hands and feet… and so the story begins. Nearly two years ago now, my father was found at home, in his bed, hands resting at his side. He had gone to be with Jesus.

Why Atheism Is Growing in America

Atheism, therefore, is not so much a distaste toward or disagreement of those who believe in a creator god. After all, who really cares what you choose to believe? Atheism is more of an acknowledgment of the damage that a dependency on a creator god can do to a society at large when a creator god is the predominate belief.

Seven Blessings – Sheva Brachot at Orthodox Jewish Weddings

Orthodox Jewish weddings are full of customs and traditions that date back from thousands of years ago. One of these customs is the recitation of the Sheva Brachot or seven blessings.

The Reason for Muslim Women Wearing Jilbabs

Islam is a way of life for the Muslim man or woman, they are supposed to follow the commandment of Allah, Muslims believe the Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was an example to mankind and that they are should follow the way shown by him, this is everything from how to sleep, how to eat, what to wear, how to get married and everything else that a person needs to know to live a healthy and fulfilling life as a Muslim.

Star of David Pendant: Rooting Yourself to the Land of Israel

The Star of David (variously called as the Shield of David or Magen David) is a long-recognized traditional symbol of Jewish identity and Judaism. Formed by the compound shape of two equilateral triangles, it has complex meanings not only in Judaism, but in some esoteric traditions as well. Perhaps the most common non-religious and non-esoteric use of the symbol is in the national flag of the State of Israel. In most cases though, this six-pointed star is associated with everything related to Judaism. It’s little wonder then that a Star of David pendant is chosen by many to symbolize pride in Jewish roots and customs.

When Is Yahrtzeit?

Simply put, since “Yahrtzeit” literally means “time of year”, which refers to the anniversary of death, usually it simply falls out on the exact calendar date the death occurred on. As with most articles pertaining to Jewish law, the calendar date referred to here is the Jewish calendar, which runs on a lunar month, as opposed to the secular calendar which runs on the solar year.

What Is Yahrtzeit?

Yahrtzeit means “The time of year” and it refers to the date a parent or loved one has passed on. It is a sacred day for the child or survivor, a day of spirituality.

Girl’s First Communion Dress

If you have a little girl in this winter, you’d better prepare a pretty dress for her First Communion as early as possible. Actually Communion Day is the first important day for a little girl, so you should find exquisite clothing for her. If you are going to have a Spring First Communion, it is time to get an amazing gown now.

Total Twelve Sankranti – Each Known for Starting of Various Hindu Calender Months

Sankranti, widely known as Makara Sankranti throughout India or Pongal in Tamilnadu is celebrated when Sun trans-migrated from Dhanur Rasi (Zodiac: Sagittarius, 9th House) and enters Makara Rasi (Zodiac: Capricon, 10th House) on 14th or 15of the January every year. Literally, Sankrati means “the start of a Hindu Month”. Hindu month traditionally starts when Sun enters a Zodiac. So there are 12 Sankrantis in all.

Calvinism And Romans Chapter Nine

Calvinism’s favorite scripture is found in Romans chapter nine. This is the Calvinist “ringer text”, so to speak. This is one scripture that they believe cannot be refuted by those who oppose Calvinism.

Church Candles Used on Christmas Eve for Special Services

Candles have great meaning in many spiritual and cultural ceremonies. Church candles are used frequently during worship and religious events celebrated within the church. One of the most popular times of the year for churches to bring out candles is during the Christmas season. After all, Christmas represents the day when baby Jesus was born in a manger.

The Real Danger To The World

The world we have come to appreciate is one that is so fast and so unpredictable. It has thus become ambiguous and dangerous in the sense that humanity is groping for direction.

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