5 Steps To Change Your Spouse (Animated)

Is Prayer Really All You Can Do?

We so often regard prayer as something to be done when we are out of options, a last resort! Is this what God intended us to do?

The Mystery of the Anointed Messiah – The Creator of the Universe and Planet Earth, Jesus Christ

In the beginning, Anointed Eloheem, he created Heaven, and he himself, The Earth. Eloheem created the Earth to be inhabited.

Welcome to the Machine – The Earth is the Most Intricate and Dynamic Space Craft Ever Invented

The Big Bang is credited with the creation of the Universe. The random coalescence necessary to create this complex system of galaxies,, black holes, and constellations would have to be incredibly accurate to assemble the intricate relationships that exist between our solar system and the rest of the universe. The formation of Planet Earth is another story. To think that the Earth was created by random coalescence seams childish given what we are discovering about the inner Earth.

8 Statements About the Kingdom of God

My desire to promote the message of the Kingdom involves refining and developing the way this truth is expressed. Recently I have been working on a simple summary of the key elements of a Kingdom theology which has led to the following 8 statements.

Fatima Apparitions and Beyond – How We Can Console Catholic Mary

Did you know that Mary’s heart is pierced with thorns at ‘every moment by ungrateful men’? In this article, I’ll be looking at the words of Jesus and Mary to Sr Lucia (one of the Fatima seers) when she was a religious sister, a few years after the Fatima apparitions, during the 1920’s and 1930’s.

Sign & Symbol of the Cross

The sign of the cross is the act of tracing the sign with your finger tips from ones forehead to the chest to left then right shoulder. This gesture is a reminder of the Cross of Christ and the Holy Trinity. The Catholic church along with the Eastern Orthodox and Episcopalians each practice this signing ritual as part of their religion.

Mission of the Church

I have enjoyed reading recently Tom Wright’s book ‘Surprised by Hope’. The second section of this book is an excellent discussion on the mission of the church in the light of the centrality of the resurrection. In it Wright encourages us to rethink some of our basic truths like salvation and the Kingdom. Based on some of these thoughts and my own pursuit of the Kingdom message I spoke a couple of weeks back on the theme -the Mission of the Church.

Do We Turn Into a Spirit When We Die?

A lot of people believe that when you die you turn into a spirit. This is not Biblical.

Vedic Society – Embrace Or Replace

A class of texts arose during the Late Vedic Period, circa 600-350 BCE, known as the Upanisads. In the Upanisads, meaning “hidden connections”, the Upanisadic writers attempted to find bandhus, or mental equivalences, between the Vedic ritual and the universe. This cosmic speculation led to a belief in the possibility of internalizing the Vedic ritual, thereby invalidating the need to behave in accordance with the strict rules of the Vedic society. The rules and societal structure actually became viewed as obstacles in the path to moksha, or liberation from samsara, the cycle of death and rebirth. Some of these new schools of thought, although at the time considered heterodoxy, were eventually embraced as a legit form of religious life for people in the Vedic society, known as asceticism.

What is Your Greatest Desire?

Is God a part of the plan? I have always wanted so much and felt as GOD has always wanted me to have it.

God in Business

God wants to bless you in your business. He is not against wealth, prosperity or earning a profit.

The Law

Do you believe that some Israelites who live under the law don’t even own or believe in the New Testament? Well they don’t.

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