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What Is Christianity?

Christianity is a group of people who follow Jesus Christ and believe in his teachings. Christianity is a way of life that includes worshipping and following the Bible, observing the Sabbath Day (Sunday for Christians) and treating others with kindness and respect.


The term “deliverance” comes from the Old Testament and means to “depart from evil.” This is the work of the Holy Spirit in a person’s life as he enables them to overcome the enemy within. It can also refer to a spiritual release from an evil spirit that is hindering a person from living in the light of God’s glory and His love.

Casting Out Demons

One of the main duties of Christian clergy was to take authority over the devil and command him to leave a person. This involved not only yelling at the demon and rebuking him, but also removing any items or activities associated with witchcraft and sorcery from a place of worship.

Healing The Sick

Those who follow Jesus are taught to be compassionate toward the sick and to seek their physical, emotional and spiritual healing in Jesus’ name. The Book of James teaches that the prayer of faith will save the sick and will bring about their healing.

Miracle Healing

The Gospels and other writings from the New Testament tell of many healing miracles that Jesus performed, including a woman with leprosy who was healed by him. These stories of the miraculous reveal the compassion and mercy of our God.

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