5th BRIDE of SATAN gets saved and delivered – Unbelievable testimony!

New Life With God

Am I really living life? Is this the life I really wanted? Am I missing out? Have these questions occurred within your years of existence? Have you ever wondered what the difference between existing and living is? How can you truly say on the time of your departure from this world that you have really lived a full and significant life and not merely existed in it? No matter how we try to avoid asking these questions, there will always come a time in our life where we question our mere existence and desire for something much better. We try to fill in this void within us by things that we think can make us complete and satisfied. It may be with friends, with hobbies or other thinks that make us busy. These things become our escape to that question that remains unanswered from within. For years we have been used to this but as the years pass by, this longing continues to grow.

Gods Existence and Presence in The Universe and in Your World

Ok. Here we are talking about God again. Our discussion has been on the existence of God and Gods reality in your life.

Why Youths Today Need Faith in God

Having a good education and a marketable skill don’t assure youths that they will find their dream job upon graduation. Because of the current state of our economy, the good jobs are fewer and more difficult to find. This article explains why a life characterized by faith in God can help youths succeed in their search for a great job.

Advice to Fathers As Spiritual Leaders

The Bible says that the father should emulate God in his parenting approach. This role of being the spiritual leader in the home is perhaps the most important role of the Christian dad. This article gives some practical pointers on how to dads can become effective spiritual leaders in their home.

And Pigs Can Fly!

We’ve all heard the derisive response, when someone stretches truth to the limits of imagination: “And pigs can fly!” True, pigs can run, root, and grunt, but flying is another story altogether. Pigs fly only in fairy tales!

Praying With The Power Of Gods Holy Ghost

One of the most powerful, and one great favorite Bible scripture is located in James 5:16 King James Version. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual, fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Purim: Why We Celebrate It and How to Commemorate It With Jewish Art

Another year and another Purim. This spring, why not do something different? There is plenty of Purim art out there to help celebrate the holiday.

Effective Church Growth Strategies for Christian Leaders

Many new found churches aspire to know the secrets of church growth. Studies, conferences and books are full with advice on effective church growth strategies that Christian leaders should consider to become mega churches. These recommendations usually come from churches that experienced significant growth and success stories.

Starting a Church – Steps to Starting a Church From Scratch

Organizationally, starting a church from scratch is similar to putting up a company or organization. Where people of the same faith and interest gather together to agree to put up an institution. Starting a church is only unique in a way that it is meant to spread the Gospel and to uplift the spirituality and lives of its church goers.

God Still Gives Wisdom: King Solomon’s Prayer Applied to Present Day Life

This article provides an overview on how to pray for spiritual gifts. I discuss the implications of King Solomon’s prayer for wisdom and understanding on his overall blessings from God. God blessed Solomon in all things based on Solomon’s prayer for spiritual gifts. We should follow Solomon’s example in order to be blessed both spiritually and materially.

How the Catholic Church Has Always Been a Corrupt Organization

The Lord Jesus Christ gospel compared to the rituals and sacraments of the priest in the catholic religion will tell us the cold, hard facts. There is one way to Heaven according to the Holy Bible, not many, as false cults teach. Please examine the proven truth, for yourself, presented without prejudice.

Secrets to Christian Church Growth

Christian church growth is often misunderstood to refer to the increasing number of attendees and members of a church. Many churches that experienced significant increase in number admit the loss of good attributes of small churches such a closer fellowship and more focused care.

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