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Miracle Healing in Christianity


Miracle Healing in Christianity

Christians were interested in healing, and a variety of sacraments were created to promote healing. The first was anointing the sick with oil. This sacrament was practiced in the fourth century. Its purpose changed from compassionate concern for the sick to proof of holiness. As more people adopted Christianity, the number of Christians increased from five million to thirty million. However, many of these new believers were only nominal Christians. They had been attracted to the new religion by gifts and higher status jobs, but many of them did not actually follow it fully.

Other Christians believed that healing would be the result of a person’s faith. In fact, they thought that believing in miracles would protect them from sickness. In fact, there are numerous examples in the Bible that support this belief. Several centuries ago, the church grew by half a million new converts a generation. These new believers often came to faith through a healing.

Some believe that Jesus had the power to heal. The Bible also mentions the apostles. However, the apostles were not given this power. This meant that they were not given the ability to heal people and cast out demons.

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