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Miracle Healing and Christianity in the Bible


Miracle Healing and Christianity in the Bible

In the Bible, Jesus calls himself the Christ. The apostles and scribes used the name Jesus to refer to Christ, who was the son of God. The word “Christ” means “God.” The gospels are stories of Jesus’ life. Some believe that God sent his son to earth to save mankind from sin and evil.

However, the Christian religion is not free from errors. The Bible does not allow professed ministers to practice supernatural healing. Moreover, the inspired word of God describes Satan as the serpent of old, who blinds the world and deceives it. The Bible states that the Devil will be cast into the bottomless pit when Christ returns.

The biblical understanding of the human person includes both the body and the soul. It is Jesus’ mission to save the soul and raise the body to a new life. In the gospels, Jesus healed people and drove out demons. He did this to show that God is the Lord of the creation.

In the fourth century, the church’s growth began to accelerate. The conversion of Emperor Constantine in 312 and the Edict of Milan, which made Christianity a state-sponsored religion, marked a shift from being persecuted to being accepted by the government. The number of Christians rose from five to thirty million people. Despite the increased number of converts, many were only nominal believers. They followed Jesus because they received gifts and had a higher status.

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