6 ways the LEVIATHAN SPIRIT attacks believers in Jesus Christ and ways to DEFEAT it!

The Gift From the Heart of God

Why do we celebrate Christmas? Has Christmas become so commercialized that the real meaning of the day is totally obscured? What can be done about it?

The Top 5 Reasons to Leave Your Church

Why you may need to leave your church. And what to look for in your new church.

Why We Ought To Learn To Obey

Most people see obedience as a duty, an act of fulfillment because you have to. But obedience is so much more than that. Ultimately, it can convey love like little else can.

Evidences of a Spirit Filled Christian

What are the evidences of a Christian who is Spirit filled? Is it super natural powers? Is it a magnetic personality? No, not really. To find out, read on!

What Is the Difference Between the Christian Tithes, Offerings, and Alms?

For the Christian, there are three types of monetary giving spoken of in the Bible. Find out what the differences are.

The Scroll of Revelation, 30 – Two Final Rulers

Did you know that the next world ruler will not be the antichrist, but his forerunner? Strange stuff headed our way!

The Scroll of Revelation, 29 – An Antichrist in Every Empire

Nebuchadnezzar, Xerxes, Epiphanes. Men who in their reigns dared to come against the God of Israel. Types of the coming antichrist.

The Biblical Hell

There are many teachings going around about Hell today. However, the question is not what man says about Hell, but what God says. This article takes a look at what the Bible really says regarding this subject.

Many Things About the Bible Do Not Make Any Sense

Our God is a loving God and he will take care of each of his children as you will or have taken care of your children. Our God, however, will not take care of the devils children. That, my friends, is something for you to believe in.

What Are the Biblical Tests of a True Modern Prophet?

What are the Biblical tests of a true modern prophet? Is an angelic appearance a sign of a true prophet? What can we trust?

Are Miracles a Sign of a True Prophet?

Can we trust our feelings? Or should we trust something more solid? Are miracles a sign of a true prophet? What does the Bible say?

What The Conspiracy Theorists Need To Know (Part Two)

The conspiracy theorists are bombarding us each and everyday with their warnings of the impending New World Order which is being pushed by elite families within the world. I posted an article last week which outlined their facts surrounding the New World Order movement, and asserted their theories into the scriptures and proved their theories Biblically correct as to the New World Order.

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