7 Things You Can Do With The Bible

The Waves of the Sea Teach Us to Praise

Imagine yourself at the edge of the ocean, on its shore. Waves are coming in and going out. Many people find it calming. It is something many of us can just sit down and watch for hours or walk beside it just reflecting. Maybe we find it so comforting because somehow, even without knowing, it is revealing something. The action of the waves is to come in and go out again. They rise and they fall just to do it all again.

Who Was Protagoras? Part 1 – The Ancient Roots of Modern Relativism

“Man is the measure of all things.” So spoke Protagoras in the fifth century B.C. Who was this man? What did he mean by this “dark saying,” as Plato described it, and how does it apply to our current world? We will explore these questions in this article.

Jewish Wedding – All About Your Ketuba

A ketubah is a special legal document, the marriage contract, which is an integral part of a Jewish wedding ceremony. It outlines the rights and responsibilities of the groom in relation to the bride.

Jewish Girls Names and Their Implications

Judaism places a great deal of significance on a child’s Hebrew name. It is believed that a child will live up to his/her name, so you want to give the child a name that you would want him/her to live up to! Below you will find a list of biblical girls names with their Hebrew version, and a summary of the essence of the person’s character.

Simchat Bat – Celebrating the Birth of a Jewish Baby Girl

In recent times young Jewish families have expressed a desire to welcome their baby daughters in a meaningful way. Although there is no commonly accepted ceremony to answer this need, we do not have to look too far into our Jewish past to uncover beautiful customs and traditions centered around the celebration of the birth of a baby girl.

Getting Engaged – In the Eyes of Judasim

The decision for a couple to get engaged and make the ultimate commitment to each other is probably the most important step of their lives. From the moment 2 people decide to marry, spend the rest of their lives together and God willing raise a family and create a home, the direction their individual lives take changes forever.

Bat Mitzvah – Preparing to Celebrate in a Meaningful Way!

Before your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah, one of the most important landmark occasions in the life of a Jewish girl, it is important to consider the significance of the occasion, and the impact that it will make in her life. Judaism now considers that she is ready to take responsibility for herself as a member of the Jewish community – but what does that mean and what does that entail?

Jewish Boys Names and Their Implications

The Torah tells us that at the time of Abraham’s Bris, God changed Abraham’s name from Avram to Avraham. In keeping with that tradition, a Jewish boy is given his Hebrew name at the time of his Brit Milah. Judaism places a great deal of significance on a child’s Hebrew name. It is believed that a child will live up to his name, so you want to give the child a name that you would want him to live up to!

The Traditions of Men Make Void the Commandments of God – Part 1

At first glance this heading is quite a stout statement to make. It has a lot of impact upon one who is involved in the everyday patterns of traditions. A holiday here and a doctrine there; here a little, there a little, everywhere a little, little more.

Miracles in the Life of Saint John Vianney

Saint John Vianney is a well known saint for his preaching and exemplary life. In addition many miracles were attributed to him during his life including the Miracles of the flour and wine which we will discuss.

Speaking of Hats in Worship

People are interested in getting the honor and status of association with power and glory of Jesus Christ. But Christ was interested in serving God and enlisting others to serve the Lord in His stead. People want to get, but Jesus wants them to give. It is a classic problem in the life of the church.

How Many Wise Men Came to See Jesus?

Most churches today teach that there were three wise men who came to see Baby Jesus in the manger shortly after his miraculous birth. They sing the song “We three kings” amongst other songs or poems which proclaim that three wise men came to see Baby Jesus.

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