8 Evil Traits of the Jezebel Spirit (Animated)

Brethren Do Not Hold the Faith of The Lord of Glory With Partiality – James 2

Many people think they are loving God and man good enough. Perhaps this might shake you a little if you read it.

Who You Are Today? How Much Has Religion Influenced You?

Aristotle is considered to be the first to offer the idea that the human intellect, “is like a clean table on which nothing is written.” He referred to this as tabula rasa or unscribed slate. The idea is that you are born with an empty slate and your influences, experiences and authority figures “program” you in your formative years.

Does God Still Heal the Sick?

God still heals some times. Not always. Does God hear and answer prayers? The Bible is true.

Thanking God After a Miracle

When God does something really wonderful in our lives, we usually forget to go back to him and say thank you. We get so excited about what has been done to us and forget the person who made it happen for us. This will actually close the door for God coming through for you in another day and time when you need him. Even us mortal men, need to be appreciated when we do something good for someone.

Believing For the Healing Touch of God

Are you sick or someone close to you is suffering from a disease. Do you know that God can heal you without even going to the doctor’s. Am sure you might have watched those miracle crusades on air where millions get healed and are set free from diseases such as Aids, cancer and hypertension. The blind regain back there sight and the lame can walk again.

Working For God With Integrity

When God calls us to work for him, usually we are glad and do it obediently. Since we are in the will of God, we have to prosper. Sometimes we get out of focus when God starts prospering us. You should understand that whatever God does for you is so that you can enable the spreading of the word of God or you may personally preach the word to the nations.

The Greatest Asset You Can Have As a Worship Leader – Do You Have It?

We all go to church and sometimes see big churches and hear the great worship leaders. But what is the quality that decides what makes a good worship leader… the quality cannot fake till you make it! Read on. The first time I saw a very big presence of God drop in a church was not in Australia’s Hillsong church who have created many contemporary worship songs. No it was in a little church of 15 people in Ipswich in Queensland Australia, and the worship leader was a girlfriend of one of my friends.

Is It OK to Be Mad at God?

Is it truly OK to be mad at God? Or is this a direction that no one has the right to travel in life? In this article, we take a different look at the age old question that has haunted man for thousands of years.

The Inspired Man is a Maniac and the Prophet is a Fool!

The last days are upon us. It is time for the judgments of God to be poured out. In the last days that Hosea the prophet speaks about the people that hear from God are called maniacs or insane and the self same prophets are called fools. Read more…

Worshiping God For Who He Is

He is our creator, the maker of heaven and earth. This is enough reason to worship him. This is the only reason why we should learn to go before him everyday and lose ourselves in his presence. He demands that we worship him despite our situations, predicaments or setbacks.

How to Trust God

When things are not working out as we would anticipate, we feel disappointed and most often feel like God has forsaken us. You might be going through a tough situation and you are wondering how God could have let it come to you despite the fact that you serve him with all your heart.

The Torah – Just a Broken Telephone Conversation?

28 years ago, the Lubavitcher Rebbe set into motion a cycle of learning – to join all the Jewish people together – in the learning of Jewish law. Learning to be done would include working through the Rambam’s – Rabbi Moshe ben Maimon (1135-1204) Mishneh Torah (Second Torah) or the Yad HaChazaka (The Strong Hand) as it is also known. The word Yad – hand – has the Hebrew numerical value of 14 – the amount of books in the entire guide.

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