8 Purposes of Jesus’ Resurrection

Is Your Church Social? Part 8 – Facebook – A Personal Touch

In my last article I talked about creating a Facebook Page for your church. Facebook Pages are good, but there are some features in the Facebook Profiles which are not available in Facebook Pages. Unfortunately, these deficiencies have seriously weakened the effectiveness of Facebook Pages for churches. So, for your Facebook church marketing strategy, I recommend considering creating both.

Christian Magazine Highlighting Christian Celebrities’ Lives

Is Christianity still popular nowadays? In school, if you are caught reading a Christian Magazine, you are considered uncool. Christianity has always profited from marketing efforts as it has benefited by being one of the rationales for colonization. So how does a Christian Magazine get attention?

King James Bible – Book of Genesis

Are you interested in reading an overview of the book of Genesis? Read our brief summary to refresh your memory of one of the most influential stories that history has to offer.

Religious Myths and the World of 666

The man described in the bible as 666 controls the world. He dominates our daily lives and he is killing us. This article explores why this is the case and why religious myths persist?

The Needless Battle Between Hindu and Buddhist Brothers

Gautama, the Buddha, introduced a new focus to the Hindu people to help them deal with the harsh realities of life. It seems obvious that he meant to supplement their religion, not replace it. If Hindus and Buddhists could only see their religions in this light, and focus on the dharma and detachment they both hold so dear, perhaps peace in places like Sri Lanka would have a chance.

Are Christians Required to Live a Balanced Life?

I often hear believers talk of being balanced in their Christian walk, but what do they really mean by that? Does to be balanced means we should not take the position of being too far to the left or right concerning what we think, say or do? Does to be balanced means to live life according to God’s expectations? Does being unbalanced means giving more time and attention to certain areas of one’s life while other areas are neglected to some degree or another?

Celebrate Your Young Girl Entry Into Her Adulthood With Bart Mitzvah

Bart Mitzvah presents the once in a lifetime ceremony to celebrate the entering of a young lady into her adulthood at the age of 12. Bart Mitzvah is usually celebrated after the young girl enters into her puberty.

No Excuses to Not Love (An Incontrovertible Christian Command)

Does not the Christian, most of all, understand that love transcends all boundaries? Why is it that we’d insist on not working with Hindu’s, Buddhists or Muslims? Why wouldn’t we choose to speak our love in a language that transcends words?

Worship Leading When You Just Don’t Feel Like It

Those of us who are regular worship leaders know this feeling: it’s Sunday morning, it’s early and you don’t feel well, yet you have a responsibility to the Lord, the Pastor and the congregation to be leading worship, and doing it well. Even successful worship leaders face days like this, and, because I had one of these on Sunday last, I would like to encourage those of you who face the week in, week out worship leading that we desperately need to make sure does not become a grind!

Revive Your Soul

Our Lord is calling all those with broken souls, all those lying in slumber and all those living in the interest of the world into His wonderful power to bring a revival into her soul. The kind that will imprint His great power on your soul leaving you forever dwelling in His purpose.

Community Union

Christians need to fellowship with other Christians. Because our values and interests change once we have been converted, we find that we have less and less in common with people who are not Christian. Our circle of friends changes because we like being with Christians more than with non-Christians. The old adage is that birds of a feather flock together.

Jesus Plus Anything Spoils Everything?

Let’s see – what is the book-chapter-verse reference for that pithy little epigram? Oh, darn, not in the Bible. Gosh, in that case, where did it come from? I’m not familiar with the origin. I heard it for the first time from my manager’s mouth a few months ago. Ran into it again yesterday on a YouTube video.

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