A 85 year old man got BAPTIZED in water and his back was HEALED!

What Is Your Batting Average?

Satan continues to throw strikes at the Christian, and when the Believer fails to “swing” with the Word, the devil will strike him out. Holding the Word will not get the “home run.”

Do You Have a Velcro or a Teflon Head?

I sometimes stop our normal walk through the Bible when something makes a significant impression on me. And today we push Paul’s pause button.

New Courage and Strength

I woke up with a bang. It is 2:30.

Tired to the Bone: Enough

Who am I that God uses me? Probably the most crooked of all bats and yet God hits a straight shot.

Pressing on Through Suffering

Sometimes life simply is too much. Sometimes life thrusts you to tears.

Tanya’s Suffering and Faith

Tanya (not her real name) knows suffering: I’ve been going through an exceptional time the last few years. I don’t want to call it a difficult time because God is with me and provides at His discretion.

Pills, Forms and Hardship

I sometimes wonder why the journey of faith is so difficult, because there is definitely no guarantee of an easy road for those who follow Jesus. On the contrary, things are often so rough that I fear the boat will capsize.

Greater Love for One Another

Every now and then there are times in a marriage when you start wondering why on earth you chose that husband or this wife. And then you berate yourself for not listening to Paul when he said it is actually better to remain unmarried.

Why Christ Was Crucified

People will soon be celebrating the festival of Easter without knowing of its origin or the facts behind it. There are several questions raised in the one addressed here and they include the meaning of Easter, where it started, and why? Also, what is the purpose of crucifixion and how many actually died this way?

The Graven Image Is Profitable For Nothing (Isaiah 44:9,10)

Millions pour into Roman Catholic churches and temples and pray before molten images that are from man’s imagination while thinking they are gods. The real God is the Spirit of the Universe and it has no image, never fathered a child, and it is everywhere. It is also available to everyone who cares to turn away from religions and accept it while seeking answers as to why it is hidden from view.

What’s Wrong With The Catholic Church?

Globally there are thousands of priests named and shamed as pedophiles and yet they are supported by their institution and forgiven their so-called sins. Many of these abusers are in jail with the latest being the former number three at the Vatican. The Pope called a meeting of bishops to resolve the issue but the agenda they serve appears more about saving the organisation rather than preventing the horrendous crime.

How Does One Talk To God?

It’s a remarkable thing that most people have no idea who or what the real God is or how to talk to it, her, or him. My knowledge of this comes from my reincarnation and being in the Spirit between lives. It was then that a vision showed me my life ahead and what would be the purpose of it.

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