A Candid Conversation Between Allen Parr and Marcus Rogers

You Did Know, Because I Told You!

‘Don’t you remember, I told you it would happen – so why did you forget?’ Did you ever hear anything like that? That sort of challenge goes right to the heart, and the more so when people were given vital information, but then did nothing with it!

What A Powerful Web Of Deceit Religious Leaders Weave

The religion of Constantine is responsible for the world’s woes and the end of days we are about to face. It has captured the world’s imagination and locked most of the population behind an impenetrable wall of deceit.

Why Religions Flourish Amidst The Ignorant

Those who remain ignorant are most prone to religious dogma. Education teaches people to think and to test out theories and assumptions before accepting them.

Teaching With Grace – A Different Path

Sometimes your teaching job does not workout. When something like this happens it is easy to quit, blame and condemn yourself. Ask yourself, ”what am I doing wrong in my classroom?” I suggest you take a different path. The essential key to unlock the door to effective teaching is Grace. Yes, we need GOD’S grace to perform or else our power and might is zero.

Jude Speaks of Evil Men of Yesterday and Today

Cain, Balaam, Korah. All of the readers of Jude’s letters knew these men. Perhaps they were shocked to find that men under the same condemnation were infiltrating the early church.

How Can You Be Sure You Will Live With Jesus Forever (John 5:24-30)?

Why can you be sure you will live with Jesus forever? Read how some children responded and what the Bible teaches about assurance of salvation.

Mary Is The Mother of Harlots Of Revelation 17

The spiritual children of God are already coming away from religions in droves but the non-spiritual remain caught up in the fraud that has robbed them of life. The Spirit is now back and is taking over as the information it has provided is now a giant mountain on the Internet.

The Contradictions In The New Testament Expose Its Invention

The followers of the New Testament and of Jesus Christ are caught in the deception that is part of the wall of deceit. At this time the Spirit is removing the barrier that hides the truth and restoring its people through their spiritual link.

The True Meaning Of Armageddon

Those who believe that Mary is the great God and is the so-called Mother of God are in for a nasty shock. The origin of the image is Babylon and those who worship her are caught in the trap meant to catch them out.

Gog And Magog Are In Battle Right Now

It depends on which side one is on as to what happens to them. We are at the point where a major battle is taking place between the Spirit and the religions. Only one side can win.

The Cult Of Mary And The Religion Of Babylon

Those who worship Mary as God and who pray to her with words written by others are caught in the web of deceit put in place by the two beasts of Revelation. This is the time of judgement and those who are not of the Spirit are suffering untold pain and other things as the Spirit pours out and protects its own.

Satan Is Loosed Out Of His Prison To Deceive The Nations

Those who have remained true to their spiritual link and have not taken part in the worship of false gods and idols will see the world from a different light as the end approaches. This is the time of judgment and it will happen rapidly as the bombs fall and climate change takes effect.

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