The Language Protein

A recent discovery of an abundance of the language protein in women has answered an age old question. Why do women talk more than men? I find it comforting that God made women that way.

The Truth About Grace

Many try to write or tell about grace. Someone can give you a second hand report on grace. An academic description and theological treatise, yet, although it may be factually accurate, it will lack the one necessary ingredient that we must have to understand the fathomless limits of true grace. Furthermore, someone else might report the change he or she saw in the one who had just experienced this grace. Yet, with all of that, unless we have personally understood, experienced, and lived a life that has been shown the limitless boundaries of grace, we can in no way comprehend the wonder of this glorious word.

How To Study The Bible

This particular method allows one to make an in-depth study of one book of the Bible one at a time. For first timers, it is best to begin with one of the New Testament Letters, such as 1 John, 1 Peter, or Titus. Plan to take three weeks to a month for each study.

Building A Relationship With God Through Dialogue And Prayer

Religious leaders agree that one of the most common ways that individuals establish a connection to Him is through prayer. Prayers vary according to each religion. Some religions, such as Catholics, pray the Rosary or recite novenas and litanies as a way of talking to the Creator of the universe. They believe that the repetition and chants help them concentrate and focus their desires through their prayers.

Evidence For A Historical Jesus

Flavius Josephus, author of “Antiquities of the Jews” makes references to the both Jesus and the origins of the Christian religion. This “Antiquates” includes two references to Jesus that are often used by scholars to prove the existence of Jesus as a historical person. Josephus also reports that some of Christ’s contemporaries called him the Messiah.

Does Science Refute God?

If so many people wouldn’t think twice before giving a resounding ‘Yes’ to this question, what’s the point in asking? In spite of which, here are a few reasons for the continued need to ask this very important question. I mean, what about the people who might answer ‘No’ – shouldn’t their voice also be heard?

5 Essential Elements of Pulpit Preaching

Perhaps you do not have a seminary degree; yet, you, the congregation you serve, and your pastor have recognized your calling to preach. This article contains five tips from scripture that would be helpful in your preparation for pulpit preaching.

The Prayers God Honours Most

Many of us, if we were asked, would say we are woeful at prayer; that we are nervous in prayer or even ashamed to pray, especially publically. There is no sermon-preacher within, and we feel our words are useless, even a betrayal of God. But we must remain convinced of the truth that belies these fears.

Speaking Kindness Into Others’ Lives

FIND the good in people; speak a kindness to someone about something you find genuinely admirable in them… then, watch what I, your God, does. There are countless opportunities every day to speak kindnesses into other people’s lives.

How a Bible Can Be Useful to Someone Who Isn’t Religious

People who aren’t religious will often class themselves as atheist, meaning that they actively disagree with religion and that they write off the idea of a conscious/active deity. This is fine and well of course – no one really know the answer to the mystery of life, and every opinion is just as valid as every other idea on the matter. However what is a mistake is to completely write off the Bible and all aspects of religious teachings just because you don’t believe in a God.

Easter and the Crucified Christ

The myth behind the crucified Christ at Easter is revealed in research that looked at ancient societies and into human behavior. The tragic circumstance by which men died for a belief based on nothing more than theory is echoed in modern practices within Christian churches. That must be exposed and the misguided principles on which they survive discredited.

The New Testament Is Based on Myths

While religion holds a grip on the world and the laws of countries then what happens to us is in their hands. The violence, pedophilia, rape, overpopulation and crime members of faith commit against society is only part of the danger and corruption that emulates from the myths on which the various organizations are based.

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