A Deliverance Minister’s Experience at a Revival is Now Event

Look For Condensed Books Expounding on the Scriptures

Condensed Books that Expound on the Scriptures will quickly give you and understanding on what is being taught. For example James is a book that you might want expounding on and finding one that is compact is especially helpful for those of us that don’t have the patience to listen to a thorough explanation on any given topic.

The Timings of God

As human beings, see some things as not being properly timed at their execution. Take a look at the birth of Jesus when Herod was king. To some people, God should have arranged the birth of Jesus in the days of David the King. That could have saved Him the troubles He went through in the hand of Herod. Imagine the troubles He went through in saving the life of the baby Jesus, and the numberless innocent other babies that were killed through the murderous ambition of Herod.

Faith In and Outside the Sanctuary

It is obvious that whenever we come to the house of God, the atmosphere is charged and changed, because of the presence of the Spirit of God and the word of God, apart from the influence of songs and choruses, renditions from the choir, testimonies, the word of knowledge/wisdom, prophecy, speaking in tongues and powerful prayers of ministers. In such a circumstance, it is easy for one to readily believe that one’s confessed sins have been forgiven, intercessions granted and requests for whatever also granted.

The Greatness of Humility

This article discusses how great humility can be. If you have ever wondered about its greatness, this article will explain it for you.

No Thorn, No Crown – The Way of the Crucified

It is pertinent to note that there is not one who does not bear through life a weight of suffering. Almost all rebel against it, yet they seem to forget that suffering must have its place in every fruitful life.

Armageddon, The New Frontier

Who will be living in the presence of the God of Israel after Armageddon? Apparently, that depends on who wants to live in the presence of Unconditional Love, because that is what God is!

God Upon Creating Man

There is an old tale which relates to how God determined the ages of creatures as he created several animals and even man himself to inhabit the earth. He began with the hard working but stubborn mule and progressed to man.

Dessert in the Desert? A Devotional From Luke 4:1 – 13

The first observation we can make is the timing and style of the questions/temptations by Satan. When did this happen?

What Do Americans Really Know About Islam?

At a recent gathering of intelligent and progressive women I was reminded how little Americans know about Islam. The atmosphere of the meeting was creative and the conversation clever until the word Islam was uttered-floating like a poison balloon above our heads. For the thousandth time, I asked myself–how much do Americans really know about Islam?

The Great Harlot of Revelation – How Do We Identify Her and Escape Her Deadly Charms?

This woman is like an alcoholic. She is hooked on something. She holds it very well, and she is so well presented that you could not tell, but this woman is drunk.

How to Have God Talk to You

If you could talk with God, would you? He is waiting to have a conversation with you right now. Discover the best way to start talking with Him and hearing His voice. Once you do, it will become so easy for you.

Thank You For the Cross Lord!

A discussion about the Biblical meaning of Easter. Some things to consider about this Easter holiday that we celebrate.

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