A Demon Of Adultery Was Trying To DESTROY This Woman’s Family!

Brief Parables Concerning Life, Marriage, Manhood, Womanhood, and Christ and the Church

The author, by means of brief parables grants instruction as to how the art and craft of husbandry is a picture of marriage, and how marriage is designed of God to be a picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church. In this communication much understanding can be gleaned as to how godly patriarchy is superior to feministic thought.

Christ Returns, When?

“EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it. Save the date! Return of Christ on May 21st, 2011.”

When People Speak For God Tell Them to Shut Up

God has many voices. To hear some tell it, they are a constant mouthpiece. Those are the people I listen to the least. One of the biggest issues I’ve had with the church over the years is dealing with people who speak for God, condemn for God, and use God’s name in vain.

Wooden Nativity Scene – Why Own One?

Many Christians enjoy seeing the wooden nativity scene, but never realized just how beautiful they are and only see the cost of them. However, a person needs to realize that the wooden nativity scene is one of the most beautiful ones that they can ever purchase.

We Worship Because He is Worthy!

What is your reason to worship, have you ever thought of it. Do you worship because you want to or you worship by default. Think about it.

How Do You Start Your Praise and Worship Leading

A recent e-mail from a praise and worship leader highlighted the question of how you start your praise and worship leading on any given Sunday in church. While there is no one, universally agreed way, there is certainly some points to a wise leader who can help them to start their session in the way that suits their community best.

The Small Church Praise and Worship Leader

All over the world it seems there are millions of small churches who have a praise and worship leader who is struggling to try and get their Sunday service worship happening. I get e-mails almost every day asking me for a device, tips and techniques that can help praise and worship leading in a small church situation. Many of these small churches don’t even have instruments, so if you are a praise and worship leader and a small church with little or no instruments, this article is for you.

The Disciple You Never Knew

The word disciples mean people who have made up their minds to go all the way with a leader – example, Jesus. The work of disciples is meant for people who after desiring to grow up into their leader in all things also find it worthy to come into the fullness of His stature. This article focuses on who a Disciple of Jesus Christ is.

The Need to Check Ourselves Before God

The attitude of people today towards one another is appalling. Gain has now taken over service for one another in love. Jesus did not attach conditions in His love and service for us. This is why His love had the power to forgive, heal and restore.

God Appreciates a Clean Heart Condition

Most people might wonder what repentance is all about, since the Scripture tells us that it is not to be confused with a simple change in one’s convictions on various matters, such as faith. The book of Acts also makes it practically clear that repentance is neither the simple acknowledgement of one’s wrong doing, nor sorrow over sins committed in the past, but something far more than that.

Intercession – Separating the Wheat From the Chaff

Jesus’ life showed that a true Christian life is that of loving God, loving oneself and loving others. Love according to Jesus is the greatest mark of a disciple, and so He showed His disciples an example by praying and interceding for them.

Caring For Elderly Parents and Looking For Encouraging Bible Verses

Are you one of the never-aging Baby Boomers Generation caring for elderly parents? Whether you care for them in your home, in their home nearby or far away, there will be plenty of moments when you may find yourself praying for extra strength as you search the Bible, looking for the precious promises of God in the Bible that apply to your specific situation. On one such day, recently, I found myself in Psalm 118.

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