A Demonic Spirit From TRAUMA was CAST OUT! MUST WATCH!

Have You Heard the Good News of the Hammer?

How, you might ask, can an ordinary hammer do any more than merely drive or pull nails? In fact, how can a hammer have anything at all to do with God, or good news? Here’s what the Lord showed me on that day in Darlington, SC…

Picking Out the Best Bible

Too many bibles to choose from? Here is a simple guide to help out.

How to Put on a Tallit and Matters of Tallit Size

In wearing a Tallit we should take notice of it’s size. In this article you will find out how to wear a Tallit and the importance of choosing the right size.

The Last Best Hope of Man on Earth!

Everyone must submit himself to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, he who rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

Online Bible Commentaries

I am a graduate level instructor of Old Testament/Hebrew Bible, and from time to time people ask if I know of any good online Bible commentaries. This is a difficult question to answer because there is no quality control online. Anyone, regardless of credentials, can post comments on the Bible online and have it show up in a search engine. With that said the recommendation that I normally give is to use Google Books.

Saint Andrew of Scotland – Did You Know?

Saint Andrew ultimately changed Scotland over to Christianity and gave us the saltire flag as we know today. A special chapel was made for the relics of Saint Andrew to be placed in, and since then has become a place of pilgrimages. Traditionally girls would pray to St. Andrew for a husband and would look for signs that he had heard them.

How Celebrating Easter Can Affect Our Lives

There are many reasons why we celebrate Easter, but most of us would admit to welcoming new life, light and vibrant colour that bursts into our world during the Easter Season. It’s plain to see that it happens in our physical world, but if there is a spiritual dimension as well, does it mirror our physical world and how does it affect our lives?

Being Japanese – A Religion

Accosted by a drunk Japanese Christian, Fred beats a hasty retreat to discuss what Fred believes is the true religion of the Japanese: being Japanese. Fred may go a little overboard here, but he is right in one respect: being Japanese definitely means subscribing to a strict set of beliefs and rules.

Swastikas in the Roman Catacombs

When we think of the Roman Catacombs many of us almost invariably associate them with Christian underground burial sites. But there was also pagan sepulchral use, and sometimes the symbolism used by one party is similar to that used by the other, but the meaning connoted by the presence of the Swastika symbol [strictly in classical times the ‘Gammadion’] was very different – the difference between reverence for the spirits of the dead and exultation in the hope of resurrection life.

Swastikas on Scottish Gravestones

The Swastika is found on a number of tomb stones and grave slabs in Scotland. This unexpected usage clearly goes back to the time of the early Picts, but it is found in both pagan and later Christian contexts. It has strong links not only with Scandinavian culture, notably the Vikings, but also with an extensive usage in the Christian catacombs of Rome.

Scientific Current Events Support Bible Prophecy, End of Times 2009?

Scientific explanations of current events support Bible prophecy and the impending end times. This includes a solar system alignment and troubled ecology, economy, and the prophecy of Ezekiel point to 2009 for something huge.

Bible Prophecy, End Times Revelation – Wedding Parable Summary

All three wedding parables support the need to invite others to the wedding and for us to have light showing how we can get there (marry the Bridegroom). Each parable has imagery supporting an unexpected calamity, high reward, and a loss in destiny for preachers.

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