A LETTER from HELL – Eye opening video!

The Small Planet of God Called Earth

God made Earth with an abundant supply of resources. All men were blessed to be on Earth. God made this planet called Earth with bounty for all. So whats going on? Why are some people living with so much while others are living with so little? This was not and is not Gods intentions at all.

Anti-Sementic Rules For Islamic Youngsters In Britain: Exactly What Good Will This Carry Out?

After the dreadful London bombings as well as the dreadful event in 9/11, Muslim’s have been in a bad light simply because they openly teach Jihad to their followers. However when Osama Bin Laden reported Jihad when we was about to caught up to by military forces in the fight against horror, many Muslim college students did not agree of it and mentioned that the call wasn’t in context of their laws. The Jihad might only be known as if Islam itself is being vulnerable to be suppressed, not because of an outlaw cornered leading to to be grabbed.

The Scroll of Revelation, 32 – The Fall of Babylon, Part 2

Shouldn’t we feel sorry for Babylon, its masses of people, its culture, all slated for ruin? Not at all The command of God is to rejoice. Whatever God initiates is good and holy.

Why Is the Kaddish, the Jewish Mourner’s Prayer, So Hard to Understand?

Kaddish is not said in Hebrew. This would come as a surprise, for most Jewish prayer is. And yet Kaddish, which is considered to be especially significant, is not.

What Is the Function of the Kaddish in the Synagogue Service?

During the service Kaddish is recited repeatedly. Often it seems to be said without rhyme or reason. Let’s throw a bit of light on the subject.

What Happens When We Humble Ourselves Under the Mighty Hand of God

Once we have adapted ourselves to casting all of our cares upon the Lord then we can actually live in peace. Nothing will overtake us because we know to cast it upon the Lord and He will take care of it for us. This along is good news and worth praising the Lord for, but there is still more good news.

Proof For God

Many people seek “proof” that God exist. Yet, no physical evidence can prove God exists.

Being Good Is Not Enough

You may be good but that does not qualify you for heaven. You may be shocked but that is the truth according to the Bible. In fact ‘being good’ is the cause of the greatest deception even among the so called Christians.

The Scroll of Revelation, 27 – Babylon Described

As with the antichrist, everyone wants to know the identity of Babylon, but few want to dig for the answers that are given in Scripture. John clearly tells us that this woman is the great city that rules over the earth. In his day. In our day too…

The Scroll of Revelation, 28 – Antichrists Through The Ages

Blasphemers, anti-Jewish, dictators. Satan has always had a man that helps us know what that final man will be like.

The Mormon Commitment: Put the “Cult” Comments Away

Being a Mormon is a pretty large commitment. Scratch that, it’s a HUGE commitment. There are the lifestyle choices most people outside the church know about-not drinking alcohol or coffee (and boy do Bostonians love both!), not smoking, abstaining from pre-marital sexual activity, etc. And then there are the time commitments-to attending the three-hour block of meetings on Sundays, to devoting time to personal scripture study, to serving fellow members and the community and to strengthening family and personal relationships. But am I forced to do it? No! I choose to do it because I’m committed to Jesus Christ.

Mormonism 101 – You Get What You Pay For

I wasn’t getting very much from life because I wasn’t paying for very much. There really is no such thing as a free lunch-joy comes in extending ourselves in service to others. It takes faith and it requires obedience. I know this, I just forget when I turn my eye from the things that matter most. I’m denying myself personal growth, molding of character and joy! Heaven knows I need all of the above.

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