The Dead in Spirit Invented Their Own Gods

Gods of all types are worshipped and feasted around the world. The number and variety is matched only by the imagination of the different big men who invented them.

Reincarnation Facts Are Hidden by Religions for Their Power and Control

Religions are a barrier between God and the spiritual. We have arrived close to the end of the day and this is the time of the in-gathering. Those who are of the Spirit have reincarnated and are finding their way out of religious dogma and into the light.

Creating A Culture of Honor The Lord Can Bless – Part II

Have you ever had this thought? My rejection of the one that God approves of is a far greater sin than the failure I am judging in him or her?

“Yes, Virginia, There Used To Be A Thanksgiving”

Virginia, I know that you are excited about the Christmas season. But who would have ever thought that stores would be filled with Christmas decorations even before Halloween?

On Death Row He Received a Miracle

The Spirit knows its own and will often bring them to their lowest point in order to break them away from the things of the world. This happens through trials and grief and the power they receive afterwards is a huge reward.

Turning Desires Into Realities Part 1

I think many Christians have a vision in their sub-conscious mind of God having 2 meters in heaven; a ‘believing’ meter and a ‘desire’ meter. We believe, yes, God will do it, but He is just holding back because our beliefs or our desires are just not strong enough; and if we can just get those strong enough; then surely God is going to do something. What we believe and desire is important because we see over and over in the Bible that believing is connected with seeing.

A Vision of a New Democracy

To have a vision of a new way of delivering democracy to the people, is not something that religious people would be used to reading. But this is exactly what happened to me. During a religious experience I saw a new democracy.

Etiquette for Wake Visitation and Visitors Guest Register

Suggested Etiquette for Wake Visitations and Guest Register – As we all know, there is a tremendous amount of grief felt by all those who have lost someone very special to them, and because of the infrequency of the occurrences, few of us feel confident about the proper etiquette for the wake and visitation day of the funeral. Although most of us know that personalized bereavement cards should be sent to all those who offered their condolences, sympathy, brought food, and just otherwise were supportive of the family, there are still lots of other details to consider. Please read the…

Sovereignty and Suffering

I am no expert in suffering. I admire sweet folks who accept difficulties with quiet repose. Are they that way by grace, or is it the result of a natural disposition? Frankly, my personality leans toward temper tantrums. To my chagrin, I discovered early that God remains unmoved by my protests. He just continues the operation anyway, as though it were none of my business. Apparently, we can add tenacity to the list of His attributes. He seems determined to bless us with qualities we didn’t know were part of the bargain when we accepted Christ.

What Is Providence?

Nearly everything God does, He does indirectly. God is certainly a God of miracles. Yet even in miracles He usually works through something. When God parted the Red Sea, He used a strong east wind blowing throughout the night. When He saves souls, He uses preaching. When He communicates truth, He does it through His Word. Apart from the resurrection of Christ, or some of the miracles of Jesus, it is hard to find miracles that did not employ something or someone as a means.

Spiritual Healing Is From God

With so many claiming to be ‘healers’ the confusion arising from the mix is turning people away from the power. This is the test to find the real people of God who are leaving traditional religions in droves as the Spirit pours over them.

How Long Did The Fires Of Sodom And Gomorrah Burn?

Remember the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah? Most of us are familiar with the fiery account of their destruction. Does the Bible have anything to say about the ultimate fate of those who populated these cities? Are the men, women, and children of these cities forever doomed to fiery torture? Or is there hope for them to ultimately be reconciled to God?

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