The Relevant Church

Why is it that the Church feels it has to be more relevant to be effective to an ever changing society? There seems to be a popular consensus that if the Church will present a more updated version of Scriptural truths, there will be a greater potential for numerical growth.

Overflowing US Border Is in Bible Prophecy, But That Doesn’t Make It Good or God’s Will

America’s border problem is prophetic. Rome has conquered US, and a growing majority will vote the pope as leader of a New World Order as rapid changes continue.

Islam and the Concept of 72 Virgins: A Sacred Belief

Islam is a monotheistic religion founded by Muhammad, who is considered to be the last prophet of God. One aspect of Islam that is not much discussed is the concept of houris. Houris are beautiful virgin women who reside perpetually in paradise.

The Fish Symbol for Jesus Christ

Symbols relate to the origins of religion in sun-worship and the city of Babylon. Tracing them led me to understand how and why the fish remains as a symbol for Jesus Christ.

Why Jesus Christ Is Called The Lamb of God

The implication of religious make-believe is such that once it is found out they cannot survive. The facts presented to me by the Spirit were promised for the end of days, and we have arrived at that time.

God Is Free And Everywhere

God does not charge, but man does. The system of commerce and industry came from Constantine, who is 666 in Revelation 13:13-18. He had the power to force his will over the world.

Religions Are Businesses Running Commerce

The money-go-round generated by religious festivals drags money from people under false pretenses. Without a need for the organisations to prove their claims people are worked up into a frenzy of excitement, greed, expectations, and false hopes.

Why There Is No Physical Evidence For Jesus Christ

The notion that Jesus Christ is the Son of God has been disputed by many. Without knowing that heaven and hell are myths it was hard to prove. My experience of reincarnation has now verified it.

The True Identity of Gog and Magog

Interpreting bible prophecies require insight into the day of the lord and the way things have been changed to suit religious dogma. Through visions and learning the Spirit has allowed some things to be easily understood while many have remained hidden, such as with the coming end of days.

Abraham’s Role In The First Religion Of The World

Patriarchs are looked upon by followers of the religions born of them as real people. The facts are, however, that they were developed from characters created out of sun-worship.

The Story Behind the New Testament

The Roman Catholic Church spawned all other Christian and Muslim branches of Islam following its creation by Constantine. Through deceit, destruction of records, forged documents, and the New Testament, etc. it succeeded in fooling most of the world.

The Origin of the Fish Symbol For Christ

Christians love to display the fish symbol to identify them with their gods. They little realise that it comes from the Islamic religion practiced in Babylon and that Christ is modelled on Krishna.

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