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Miracle Healing in the Church

Many people have grown up with enough anti-Christian propaganda and media coverage to have little interest in the Christian faith. This makes it difficult to convert these individuals. As a result, most Christians don’t even believe in Jesus or their faith. Yet, even those who have been baptized aren’t religious enough to practice the faith. So how do we reach these people? Here are some ways to convert people into Christianity.

One way to recognize whether someone is truly a Christian is if they’ve undergone an exorcism. A genuine Christian does not let demons settle in their minds, because they’re under the power of the Holy Spirit. Whether a person has been possessed by evil spirits or not, they’re under Jesus’s authority. In such cases, they seek to get rid of these demons through an authoritative command from Jesus.

After Jesus’ resurrection, the apostles began establishing the early church. They traveled the countryside, preaching the gospel and healing the sick. These apostles also performed miracles such as raising the dead and casting out demon spirits. These miracles are recorded in the books of Acts and Matthew. The Bible even says that Jesus blessed these men with healing power. The church should do the same. In other words, it should be a place for all those who believe in Jesus.

As part of the church’s healing practice, a sick person can be anointed with oil and prayed over by the elders. The Church acknowledges the elders’ right to pray over the sick, rebuke the evil spirits, and give them a chance at a new life. If a person is suffering from some type of illness, the priest’s faith-filled prayer can save them.

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