A Spirit Of DEATH entered her at BIRTH!😱

Five Benefits of Islam’s Goodness

Islam’s followers are encouraged to do good deeds, such as giving money to the poor. This article will describe five ways in which Islam inspires its followers to perform kind acts.

Lessons for Sunday School – Engaging Visual and Interactive Learners

When teaching children’s Sunday school, it is important to remember that everyone learns in a different way. By engaging children on more than one sensory level, teachers can ensure that they are presenting the optimal learning environment for everyone. If a teacher can make a Sunday school class an interactive or visual experience, then children will retain the stories for the rest of their lives!

Inspirational Bible Verses – Ancient Love Poems

The Bible is filled with ancient poetry, even love poetry. It can be both inspiring and beautiful. But most of the original translations don’t keep the poetic value.

Saint Peter and Saint John – The Witness to the Truth of the Salvation of Jesus Christ

For us who had turned away from Him, Jesus Christ come to us and bring us peace. He bring us salvation. He don’t want anyone to remain in fear and shame. Jesus don’t want you to wallow in sinfulness. Come out of that. He is here to offer people peace and salvation. By greeting us with His beautiful greeting of peace, Jesus seems to be telling us that we are safe.

It’s Your Turn To Make Waves With The Mandate

By making waves with the mandate, we mean doing exploits with the authority given to us by the Lord. In making waves with the mandate, we are expected to emerge from our various shells individually and collectively to get involved in service. For, after Elisha received the mantle, he did not stay put at the site of Elijah’s ascension, he rather returned to his base to serve. The words of the Master unto His disciples after His resurrection will help us understand the subject at hand.

One Thing Is Needful If Your Testimony Must Change!

Believing and obedience play a very important role in our walk and work with the Lord, if we must realize His promises for our lives and others. The LORD’S telescope has again searched out another great truth in the Bible, bringing us some great revelation of faith stating that One Thing Is Needful If Your Testimony Must Change.

His Praise Shall Continually Be In My Mouth

Cultivating and maintaining the habit of praise and appreciating the Lord, can be term a habit that is established by choice. When David changed his behaviour before Abimelech (a title of the kings of the Philistines), who drove him away and he departed, fleeing David had, not too long ago, decimated the hope of the Philistines and put their armies to flight; the memory of which naturally should have spurred them to mercilessly destroy the lonely and fatigued young man. But the young man was spared and sent away.

The Buddhist Goddess Hariti

Hariti in Buddhist literature is a child devourer, whom the Buddha brought to the path of righteousness. Once she was brought to this path Hariti became one of Buddhism’s foremost Goddesses. There was a time after the reign of Emperor Ashoka that Buddhism held universal sway in India.

Things You Need to Know About Mary

They say a world religion is coming. I believe it. Mary will be central to its configuration. Not the Bible’s Mary, but the Roman/Islamic Mary, and the Queen of Heaven after whom she is patterned. Beware church! Check out the facts about the Bible’s Mary!

Growing Your Church in Tough Economic Times

Every church wants to grow and reach the community. But all outreach programs and ministries cost money. The key is to develop outreach ministries that are self-supporting and self-sustaining. Our church started one that has been incredibly effective, costs us nothing except time, and even makes us a profit. Find out what we did!

Learning About Hanukkah Traditions

I was raised in the Christian tradition and pretty well know the tenants of that faith. Now, I have two sons in law who are of the Jewish faith and four grandchildren who are of that heritage. Two by faith and religious practice, and two by heritage and religious tradition.

Abundance Is Why I Follow Jesus

There are lots of reasons why I should follow Jesus. It has nothing to do with going to heaven or avoiding hell when I die. None of the reasons involves calling yourself a Christian or belonging to any Christian Church in Kansas City. I choose, on my life journey, to follow Jesus because there is a tangible promise of abundance here and now. Jesus seems to have believed that promise and the invitation to follow Jesus involves our believing it, too.

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