Q and A About the Apostles

Questions and answers about the apostles of the Bible In a day when so many claim to be apostles, maybe it’s important we discover some things about the originals. This list of questions is far from exhaustive..

The Twelfth Apostle of Jesus

Was it Matthias, was it Paul, was it even necessary to choose a twelfth apostle? My thoughts.

When God Gives You A Task That Is Too Big For You To Accomplish

Like most believers, I have often become overwhelmed by the things the Lord has asked me to accomplish for Him. When this begins to happen, I notice a weariness that seems to grow ever greater and a loss of the original vision as problems increase and multiply. If not dealt with, a hopelessness will set in and then a very real decline in the truly simple things like vacuuming or going to work begin to become ever harder. If you are the wife or the one called to help someone experiencing these things, it can become an even greater burden upon you as you try to pick up the things you see that need to be done, often without the gratitude of the one you are doing them for.

An Hour’s Prayer for Growth In God

In promising to be with the LORD for a full hour, staking our claim on 60 minutes of devotion to the One who have saved us, we enjoy both a divine privilege and a great investment toward spiritual growth. We were saved for such things. Much like the task of writing down 100 things we are grateful for, these types of exercises of devoting our time to God by way of intentional focus bring vast and unpredicted blessing into our lives.

Experiencing God in the Created World

There is no limit to the extent of how we might worship God by enjoying his Presence. And each of us has our own ways in which God reaches us to connect our souls with that revelatory truth that transforms us unto growth in Christ.

Changed From the Inside and Out

The image and likeness we should resemble is Jesus Christ himself. A person’s true character and identity is what is on the inside of him or her rather than their external features. The heart of a man and their willingness to press forward to achieving anything worthwhile takes drive, determination and dedication.

Comes the Hour, Day of Deliverance!

There is much of life that we still do not have, and what we hope for is still not a reality; some of this, or much of this, will be realised on the Day of the Lord. We cannot hasten it. And we should not loathe the fact that such things will only come at the appointed time, for that time is not far away.

A Great Mystery

Many of us have ideas, opinions, thoughts, and reasoning, yet at the end of the day they are meaningless unless we have seen the Lord. How do I know if I have seen Him? This is quite easy. We simply have no opinion left. We put our hands over our mouths and say, “How wrong I have been”. When we have seen Him, all debate ceases, all questions vanish, and nothing is left but an awe inspiring revelation of one who is Sovereign in all He does. It is not that we should quit gathering and doing the best we can. We need to share our thoughts and ideas, opinions, and reasoning if they have been submitted to the examination of God’s Holy Word. Yet, what we must continually keep before us is the issue that in all of this “have we seen the Lord?” In simpler terms we must remain humble no matter how brilliant or gifted we think we might be.

Principles for Christian Living?

I opened my email yesterday and saw this; “Come and learn how applying Christian principles to your business can add to your continued success.” Can somebody explain to me what a Christian principle is?

One Journey to the Divine

There are many facets to the sacred, and we all see it differently depending upon the “angle” of our culture and experience. And yet there is but one sacred.

Seeking God’s Wisdom Via Subconsciousness

We worry a lot, us human beings. We know – or at least Christians should – that we have prayer with which to take our anxieties to God, in order that we would be, in some way, delivered of them. But we may pray and still worry, at least subconsciously – beneath the layers of conscious thinking we are aware of. We are so close to the answer, but to continue to worry is a sign we still haven’t let go.

Why the Bible Parallels the Myths

The article accepts similarities between the myth Enuma Elish and the Bible and offers two more parallels that scholars have missed. Other myths reveal similar parallels, and many more. Why did ancient people believe in gods at all, and especially in wars between gods involving the killing of dragons; or in creation, sacrificial systems, spirits, flood stories and life after death? The article explains why they did. It also suggests that while the myths are meaningless the biblical story is consistently developed and meaningful.

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