A Storm Is Coming In 2022

Seth Speaks and Other Seth Material

For those on a quest to find answers to the age old questions about our eternal existence the works communicated by Seth through the psychic, Jane Roberts, for almost two decades, must be required reading. It is impossible to prove eternal realities to anyone wedded to materialistic ideas, or to those who cling to fixed religious ideas, but to those who are progressing in their evolution beyond mere earthly ideas the material will resonate. Seth is not infallible, nor omnipotent, nor omnipresent. He is a developed personality essence who has experienced but is now beyond the earthly incarnation cycle. Each one of us is descended from just such personalities, and each one of us will become such in our own journey. The material contains very detailed information on how earth has developed, our psyches, our future and past, and much more.

The Day of the Lord – Zephaniah’s Warning

The day of the Lord, the Great Tribulation, is coming. The rapture will happen first, are you ready? The four blood moons and solar eclipse are on the way in 2014-15, what Joel called signs in the heavens. Signs of the times are on the horizon, read on to know what to do.

Restoring The Fire And The Power In 2014

How creative our great God is. It is pleasantly exciting to walk with Him. To abide in the Lord is a journey of constant revelation and delightful learning. I recently saw in the spirit that I was ushering a great flock of flamingos (How crazy is that?) to a region that once was a hot bed of revival and blessing but had become a graveyard spiritually, economically, and socially.

Christmas Throughout the Year

Christmas is over. Or is it?

Under the Influence of Music

In today’s society many of us are under the influence of music. Music is the aspects that many of us do not realize the effect it can have on our character and also our lives. I am a Christian and love the Lord Jesus Christ and as I walk down the righteous path the Holy Spirit began to talk to me about the music I was listening to.

God Says 2014 Is a Year to Break Barriers – Time to Burst Your Boundaries

God says that it is up to you to decide the limit; you have the open check to break the boundaries in 2014. The limitation lies in your imagination. Children of God must treasure what they hold and guard it carefully. You must never allow any one, or doubt to limit you in 2014 as you break barriers, and break boundaries otherwise unimaginable.

The Years Before the Tribulation

Do we know when the Great Tribulation will start? If we do then we should know when Christ will return in the second coming? What will happen before that time? Are we ready for that great time?

Here We Go Again

Hopefully the new year becomes the eraser of the mistakes of 2013. With the past behind us, the resolutions to new beginnings and aspirations will take center stage. With only 8% of promised resolutions being fulfilled, we still attempt to make new ones. Why?

Time To Say ‘Goodbye’ To Confused Beliefs in 2014!

The New Year has arrived, and with it the challenge to review our life priorities, and for good measure, make a few New Year’s resolutions as well. Fair enough, but is this old tradition going to make that much difference? If all our previous resolutions seemed to disappear into thin air, maybe it’s time to look at another strategy.

The World of 666 Is Deadly

We are all caught in the net of 666 and only those with the strength of the Spirit within will find their way out. He put up secure barriers to prevent anyone escaping and this is the test for the spiritual of God whose strength and knowledge of truth will release them.

Breaking Protocol (1)

This year, God will by-pass procedures, natural laws and known processes to establish His will in your life. He will do things that will defy all human logic, and do things that will make people know that you are truly serving a living God. A God that with Him all things are possible. Yes, He blessed us so much in the past year, but what He is about to do now will surely be unprecedented. He will do some things that are unusual, unnatural, unthinkable and unparalleled for us this year. He is setting aside the usual for the unusual. He will break all the protocol just because of you. Now, I will like to define protocol here as a known, familiar, established procedure or process of achieving a purpose or target. God will by-pass all these to establish you this year. This is His message for you. Praise God!

Why, God?

Why do tragedies happen to Christians? Some of us have been taught never to question God, just to accept what happens and move on.

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