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Miracle Healing in the Global South


Miracle Healing in the Global South

Historically, Christians in the Global South have typically come to faith through healing and deliverance. In the first century, the apostles traveled the world, preaching the gospel and performing miracles. In the second century, the practice of deliverance and healing was widespread.

Many Christians believed that the best way to spread the gospel was by word of mouth. The Gospel of Mark describes numerous miraculous healings. Jesus and the apostles also cast out many demons.

For the average Christian, healing was not as important as it was in the past. The focus shifted to proving the holiness of those who prayed for the sick. As a result, Christians began praying for strangers in the grocery store, in the bedroom of a friend, or in the hospital.

Church leaders argued against the practice. They questioned the legitimacy of seeking healing and challenged Protestants to prove their new doctrines with miraculous healings. Most Protestants responded by denying that such proofs were necessary.

In the first century, Jesus performed numerous healing miracles in Galilee. Throughout his ministry, he healed the sick in ways that showed his compassion. He gave authority to his disciples to cast out unclean and demon-possessed spirits. He also healed many lepers.

The Jewish Scriptures described God as the great healer. The Holy Spirit anointed Jesus and the apostles with healing powers. The anointing of the sick was a form of spiritual preparation for heaven.

Christians in Africa believe that God does miracles in order to advance the gospel. They also believe that no event is random. They believe that every situation in life has a spiritual meaning.

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