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No Condemnation No Defeat

Jesus defeated Satan and stripped him of all power so he is powerless but he still has abilities. He has no new weapons to use against us and the ones that he has, God has given us a defense against it so even in his abilities; he is still defeated.

Traditional Sacred Plants – Christmas

All religions possess traditional uses of plants and flowers at times of ceremony. Many of us are unaware of the common plants we use in celebration of Christmas such as holly…

Concerning the Birth of Jesus

Since the time of Jesus, much has been said and misunderstood concerning his birth. I have done a fair amount of research related to his birth. While I cannot swear that what I am about to tell you is exactly correct in every detail with regard to the events that took place so many years ago, I will tell you that, based on what I have learned, I believe with all my heart that what I am about to tell you is the truth.

What Is the Right Day to Worship God?

Which day should we worship God? Can we worship any day or any time we want to? Read on to learn the truth.

Still Time To Buy Someone A Book For Christmas!

I know I am biased and prejudiced in favour of good books, but then maybe I have a few good reasons. And there is a possibility that when you have weighed up my prejudices you may discover you even have a few of them yourself!

Why Heaven or Hell?

Why is God so extreme? Why does it only have to be heaven or hell? Couldn’t we receive a sliding scale of rewards and punishments?

The Christmas Takeover Market

During the Christmas period, you can count on a few clergymen to bewail the crass commercialization of this sacred season. They want to “get Christ back into Christmas”. But modern “pagans” could claim it is their property and they may feel entitled to stage a reverse takeover for their own commercial advantage. Some pagans also claim Christians borrowed the idea of gods cohabiting with women and of virgin births from paganism. The article offers a surprising twist on these claims.

The Lord’s Prayer and the Rosary

This article cites a study stating that praying the Lord’s Prayer makes us happy! See why!

Preparing for the First Christmas: Greetings From Gabriel

Preparing for Christmas is a delightful experience to me. I love getting out the decorations, playing Christmas music, watching favorite Christmas movies, lighting candles reserved for the season, entertaining, preparing special treats that for some reason are only eaten during Christmas time, strolling through stores and malls with special decorations and driving through neighborhoods that have prepared for this most important day. Most of all, getting ready for Christmas includes the reading of the Christmas story.

Jeremiah 29:11 – We Have Hope and a Future When We Live For Christ

Most people hear Jeremiah 29:11 when they are graduating from high school or college, or when they are going through a difficult time. It states “For I know the plans I have for you, “declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jesus Came To Deliver The Poor

When we hear the word poor most likely we think of not having money but what Jesus did covered more than money. He came to deliver us in every area where there was lack.

What Can A Non-Christian Take From A Religious Perspective On Christmas?

The Christmas story features the historical birth of Christ. Religious teachings can become dogmatised so that any universal relevance or spiritual depth is lost. And so many people today are not Christian believers. However although they do not worship Jesus Christ, this doesn’t stop them appreciating his spirit, The ‘Christ within’ is a spirit of forgiveness, care and love accessible to all regardless of belief.

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