ADDICTION to Deliverance is a Real Problem!

Breaking Down the Walls And Crying to The Mountains

The mountains are places of learning and the false gods are the prophets that built them. The Spirit is now breaking down the wall that hides the truth and is crying to those on the mountains to come away from them.

God Is Invisible But Has a Strong Voice and Mighty Power

The power of the real God is mighty and has produced all of creation including the religions that stand as barriers to the truth. The information given to me has provided the means to destroy that wall of deceit and expose the facts.

Proof That God Creates Evil and Brings About Wars and Destruction

There is definitely a God in control of all things including the evil and pain that is suffered. Wars, disease, natural tragedies, and so forth are part of a grand plan to deliver the spiritual people at the end of the day.

Hell Has No Physical Presence and Is Non-Existent

The roots of hell are in sun worship and the myths created by men from their dreams. Rising upwards to marry ‘Mary,’ the name of the sun-star, is the ultimate goal of those who dream of Paradise.

The Damage Religions Do to Certain People

Religious indoctrination of the young ensures they are programmed to believe in the dogma and false claims presented to them. Undoing the conspiracy perpetrated by the two beasts of Revelation is part of my commission to tear down the wall of churches and to bring back the young.

Why There Is No Devil While Hell Is a Weapon of Terrorists

False gods and threats of hell have led people down a path of servitude to religious organisations who use them for power and control. It is God’s plan to bring them down and reveal the truth they have hidden from view.

Go and Tell!

Those of us who are Christians need to recognize the importance of sharing our faith. We don’t need to be belligerent and dogmatic, but in love, we need to share what Jesus Christ has done for us and what He has done for the world.

The Bible Is Not A Human Work

Whilst a Jew launched modern public relations and Jews excel in PR it was another story in the Bible. All the moral failings of their leaders and of the people themselves are faithfully recorded in pitiless detail in the Hebrew Scriptures. The Christian New Testament did the same by predicting well in advance the many failings of Christian churches and people. This surely lends credence to the idea that God actually inspired Bible writers to tell the harsh truth. Humans generally deal with their own people group more gently. The article offers another evidence of divine inspiration – it describes an undeniably accurate prophecy that could not possibly have been written after the event.

The Spoiler at Noon Day

The spoiler is part of the plan of God to deliver the spiritual children at the end of the day. Many are turned off and have escaped from the myths that were created to trap those who are without a link to the Spirit.

If There Is No Such Thing As Reincarnation, Why Did The Vatican Outlaw It?

With reincarnation now making a mark on the world as people come forward with their stories and memories, religions have a lot to worry about. Without heaven and hell there can be no Jesus Christ or other such prophets.

Are Women Equal to Men in Islam?

This article shall answer the misconception made by non Muslims regarding equality between men and women in Islam. It shall illustrate the difference between equality and justice and how this affects the relationship between a man and a woman.

The Character of Religion Is What You See Is What You Get

The world has been fooled by what they see not by what they feel. Religions use sight and threats to get people in and keep them there while they payfor the privilege of listening to priests and others who profess to speak for God.

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