Negative Fruit

When we fill our minds with pessimism, we are actually turning our thought away from God and His Kingdom. There should be no room for negativity in the Believer.

Politicians Who Serve Their Religious Agenda Are Anti-God

The opposition to the voice that calls from within is bringing this world as we know it to an end. Leaders of all types will be made into fools according to biblical prophecy. Those who are spiritual will be the ones to inherit the earth. That is God’s intention.

Is Getting a Paid Personal Prophecy Helpful?

Many people have a really aversion to paying for a personal prophecy. Some people say that the gifts of God are free, so what should a person pay for what a person gets for free? There seems to be some weight to this argument until we see that very gift that comes from God is free and many people minister in the body of Christ and receive a salary, so why should an experienced prophet not be compensated by us for his gift. Lets look at this.

I Never Knew You, Depart From Me – Who Is Jesus Talking to?

For many years I have pondered this verse in the book of Matthew. Who are these people that hear these words saying Jesus never knew them and that they have to depart from Him. It is a a scary verse and I would never want those words said to me, so I have been wondering for many years what it meant. Now I feel I know what it means. Read with me.

Pope’s “Heavenly Beings” Warning of Hellfire Could Be the Devil

The pope’s visitors warn of apocalyptic events. Is the warning from heaven? Let the reader decide.

Praying For Others Increases The Power Of The Spirit And Is Breaking Down The Wall

The Spirit is here and its healing millions as they are touched in a mighty way. The groups are gathering in tens of thousands and the outpouring of the power is incredible to witness.

The Meaning Behind “The Conspiracy Of Her Prophets Who Are Ravening The Prey”

The Mother God of Babylon, Mary, is still the chief god over all religions and the world. It is this entity born of the sun that sits above buildings, on flags, military equipment and personnel, and over the law as the five-point star. It’s all about sun worship

Nature Of God Was Changed By Corrupt Men For Power And Control

The New Testament is a corrupt book that was compiled by the Roman, Jerome, to unite the floundering Catholic Church after it was established by Constantine in 325 AD. All subsequent religions born of it keep it as their authority.

The War on God

The Constitution of the United States was drafted with the intent to keep freedom of all religion preserved while every citizen can equally practice, how they believe, in conjuncture with being protected by the laws of the land. It is inconceivable to me that our Forefathers thought to eliminate God from our landscape entirely. It is unclear how a teacher wearing a cross or a picture of Jesus or open prayer is going to intentionally prejudice against any one person.

The Fall of America

Many years ago, as I was on the tour of duty to the branch office, it happened at dawn that I stumbled on Nostradamus’s prediction concerning the attacks of an Oriental nation portrayed as a Muslim state in a documentary film broadcasted by the National Geographic Channel. The film showed the series of ICBMs being launched towards the allied countries such as England (London), France (Paris) and the USA (New York). A few years later, a colleague of mine briefly commented after reading a book, “It’s intriguing and unbelievable! The USA will be subdued by China someday!” As to my understanding, someday the Antichrist will come and rule the world as it was written in the book of Revelation to Saint John. Surely the USA will succumb to him even though the Bible does not say it vividly. As time goes by, on 26 June 2015, almost the whole world had witnessed the US Supreme Court ruling same-sex marriage as a Right nationwide constitutionally. Then again I remember a passage from the book of Revelation which tells about the white horse rider carrying a bow. I surmise it is not merely a matter of physical war at all.

We Define Love By God

And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him.

Prophetic Warning to the West Especially the USA

There are many people who are known as prophets by people that are boldly saying in their posts on Social Media and on prophetic mailings that we are not to listen to the prophets of doom and gloom. In these times saying to people “peace, peace” when there is going to be no peace, might be what the writers of the Bible may have warned about.

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