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Qualities We Need to Have – Part 2

This article continues to address five qualities that we need to have in our lives. In a previous article I looked at two, and in this article I look at the other three. The early church is our example and they demonstrated these qualities, at least in the early years of their existence.

Qualities We Need to Have – Part 1

This article identifies qualities that all believers should have so that they are equipped to be effective. To what extent are these qualities being demonstrated in your life?

Power for Greater Works

“Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father” – John 14:12. Christ’s power is not only shown within his own person, but it is spread through the body of his entire Church. The mission of the Church is to disciple all nations, as recorded by both Apostles Matthew and Luke in the Bible.

Religion Is Not An Area of Jokes and Ridicule!

Religion can be a very sensitive matter to be made a topic of mockery. People have different attitude with regard to the way how they will react when their religion is mocked at. Many people maybe able to be patient by reacting proportionally, but some others may not be able to tolerate other people’s mockery at their religion.

I’ve Been Accepted!

Your job interview went well and you were accepted; you applied to study at university and were accepted; whatever it is, in relationships of various kinds, to know you are accepted is a precious experience. But does this also apply to religion; what would it mean to be accepted by God, and why might I not be accepted already?

Headline News: Good and Bad

Headline news can be depressing. Is there somewhere where we can read about good news?

Atheist Madness! Why Are Atheists So Angry?

Is this article about me? “A good question is like a miniskirt. Long enough to cover the essentials, but short enough to keep everyone interested.

Why So Many Questions?

Instead of looking for a quick answer to an involved question, we need to spend time studying our Bible under the leading of the Holy Spirit. If we must ask our questions, let it be so we can assist God on our walk of faith.

Evolu Virus Threatens

As the mass media focus on the world’s growing political, social and economic chaos, the spread of the Evolu virus, now endemic in the western world, only makes the inside pages. Although the origins of the present outbreak are usually traced back to a major publishing event in the year 1859, historical records show that Evolu was already active and being spread many centuries earlier by the atheistic writings of the ancient Greek philosophers. In brief, Evolu is a mental delusion that blinds even the most rational minds to the glory of God’s creation…

You Are More Than You Think!

Some of the very popular views about the origin of matter and of minds that are in close agreement show me a rather stunning conclusion – that they are already way more complex than their own beliefs can account for. Strangely – or perhaps not so strangely, they seem to be missing the most important part of the story.

Chaos! – The Key to Genesis

Both young-earth creationism (a thesis), and evolution (the antithesis), have been found to be in serious error. EvoGenesis, or Literal Genesis, identifies and corrects those errors to propose a New Synthesis which takes account of the incredible chaos evidenced throughout the solar system and inside the earth itself.

2015: A Year of Marching Out (3)

Every Jericho in your life will collapse today in the name of Jesus! No matter the height of the walls and the tightness of the gates, I command them to be shattered now in the mighty name of Jesus! When the children of Israel obeyed that divine instruction and marched around the city, the bible said that “suddenly the walls of Jericho collapsed.” When you march out and take your position this is the kind of results you. Sudden results! There is power in marching out. Do you want us to continue? Ok. I will give just two more instances, and then we move on. Are you blessed? Then Let us know. Expect the next part of this message. God bless you!

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