Am I A False Teacher Because I Teach This?

The New Testament Is Part of the Roman Conspiracy Against God, Identified in Ezekiel 30: 22:25-26

The power of Constantine was such that he could order people to worship the image he created and have it survive until now. No one realised the seriousness of what he did when he took control over commerce and religion.

My Father’s Idols – Creating A Culture Of Honor The Lord Can Bless – Part V

We are entering a sacred season of the Grace of God that will empower us to deal with the inability of the Church to be the salt and light she has been called to be. The Bride that Jesus is returning for will not be a bride whose garments are drowning in a sea of impotence and sensuality.

Bible Verses Point to the Real God and the Conspiracy of the New Testament

The contradictions in the bible and between religions have led to the confusion about whether or not there is a God. The Spirit is now redeeming its own because at last it has revealed itself not as a man in the sky but as the inner voice and power.

Spiritual Healing Is From Direct Contact With God

The truth was buried by religions and the power of God hidden in lies. Now those of the Spirit are waking up and being restored to their rightful inheritance.

God Is Reclaiming the Spiritual People Who Were Put Through the Fires of Refinement

The end of all suffering will come only after the retribution of God is exercised against all those who are anti-spirit. We are fast approaching the end and things are already happening along these lines.

Why People Suffer Is Explained in Bible Prophecies As the Fires of Refinement

Human activities are about common desires to improve lifestyles while overruling nature and making situation better. In the long run suffering happens because of the damage done to our bodies and to nature.

The Wall of the Daughter of Zion Is Breaking Down As Promised in Micah 4

The wall that divides people and causes wars, terrorism and a loss of godliness in those who follow religious teachings is breaking as a crack has developed in it. In a vision it was shown as a huge dam holding back the spiritual power.

The Anger of God Explained in Bible Verses

The world is in dire straights because of the plan of God to bring back the Children of Israel. They are nothing to do with the Jews but are a special people who are being filled with the Spirit and receiving it now worldwide.

The Name of God Was Hidden by Religions and It’s Burning With Anger – Isaiah 30:27

The power is in the name Jesus and it was attached to the false prophet that Constantine invented. He did this after he established the Catholic Church in 325 AD.

666 Invented Religions and Discrimination Against Women for Power and Control

Women are at pains to understand why they are discriminated against. In every walk of life there are those who override and dominate them to the extent that some are murdered on nothing more than whims of misbehavior.

The Supreme Master of Men and Why Women Are Not Included?

The ancient Mother God has become the supreme master over men in her various forms. When the transition from sun-star to a physical form occurred men were so enamored with her that the women they took as mates became subjects of hate.

Revelation 1:1 – A Dispensation of No Prophecy

The present age in which we live is silent when it comes to prophecy, other than the time called the “Rapture of the Church.” Romans 15:8, “For I say that Christ has become a servant to the circumcision on behalf of the truth of God to confirm the promises given to the fathers.” That’s all the prophecy there is. Once the Rapture of the Church occurs, then prophecy starts again in the Tribulation.

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