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Miracle Healing and Christian Spirituality


Miracle Healing and Christian Spirituality

Christians believe that there is a personal relationship with God. The Bible is filled with stories of God’s presence in human life. Some of these stories involve supernatural powers such as raising the dead or healing the sick. But the Bible is not the whole story. Some Christians believe that a person cannot be saved unless they have a personal experience with God.

In his book “Why Jesus?”, Ravi Zacharias challenges modern Christian thought. He argues that the blinders of Enlightenment reason and scientific naturalism have blinded Western Christendom from seeing the spiritual realm. He argues that in order to engage in the evangelization of the world, a fundamental shift in our thinking is necessary.

Charismatic faith is different from traditional conversion. Instead of being a mere decision or ritual act, it is a living commitment. In the process of being a Christian, one must be “new” or “spiritual.” In this process, the person must de-subjectify themselves and re-subjectify themselves. This process is known as subjectivation, and it may involve a spiritual boot-camp where the person undergoes intense work on his or her body. This produces a militant Christian subject.

In the early days of Christianity, apostles often healed by touch or word. It is not uncommon for them to raise the dead. However, they are not the only ones who can heal people. Today’s Christian healing ministries are not nearly as effective.

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