The Battle Between Gog and Magog and Why The Names Hide the Truth

We have entered the time of the end and now the battle will rage between the two religions that came from Babylon. God hid the truth so that the worst of man has come to the fore and the spiritual people will now shine.

This Evil People Which Refuse to Hear My Words: Jeremiah 14:10

The Great Spirit of the Universe is the power in all the world. It allowed the growth of false gods and idols to test the spiritual people who are part of the inheritance promised in the Old Testament.

In That Day Shall The Deaf Hear The Words of The Book: Isaiah 29:18

We are fast arriving at the end of the day and many things are being fulfilled that were prophesied in the Old Testament. One of these is that the deaf and blind will see the truth and will understand who and what is the real God.

We Have Made Lies Our Refuge and Under Falsehood Have We Hid Ourselves: Isaiah 28:15

False gods and idolatry rule most of the world as humans cannot get their minds around the fact that God is available for free. The origin of them is Babylon and although this is noted in the bible most are loathe to give up their ‘faith’ for fear of hell.

The Church Is Multicultural From Beginning to End

In a country like Canada that is built on and encourages multiculturalism, the church will reflect this socio-cultural reality. Second, it is important to know that the church has been multicultural from its formation and it will remain so until the end.

The Battle of Gog of Magog

Damascus has been devastated by war but not to the point that we could call it “a ruinous heap”. Recently, president Obama announced that the U.S. would expand its airstrikes against ISIS or ISIL. This expansion will now include Syria.

6 Conditions and Prerequisites for Hajj That Every Pilgrim Must Know

Islam, the world’s true religion exclusively based on set rules and regulations. Every Muslim has to obey these obligations prescribed by Allah the Almighty. It’s inevitable for every Muslim man and woman to obey all Islamic guidelines essentially those linked to performing prayers.

Religious Costumes and the Great Charade

Few even question why people wear religious costumes and dress in public. The research undertaken by this author proves that the answer lies in sun worship and the myths of Babylon.

What Is The Soul and Does It Exist?

Most people believe they have a soul but few can describe it. My research tracked down the origin of the term to a Greek philosopher who posited that it is a sun within the body that grows dark when sin is committed.

God’s Intolerance

I was at a Walmart the other day and I observed the things that were around me. We in America have taken our liberties and blessings from the Lord for granted. The shelves were stocked with food, candy, and all the things we consider to be vital in our lives today.

The Walk Into Faith

How does faith really work? What is it to experience faith? What is the reality of faith? So many times we quote the Scriptural definition of faith (See Hebrews 13:1) but fail to follow the direction in which it leads us.

“Drop Down Ye Heavens From Above” Is an Order From God for the Last Days

As we rush headlong into more conflicts there are many other things happening to bring about the end of days. Climate change, disease, famine, and all that are associated with these things are happening and promises by God are being fulfilled.

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