Angels Caught On Camera During Baptism? What Are Your Thoughts?

Love Has Lifted Me!

“Now is the judgment of this world, now shall the prince of this world be cast out, and I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.” Yes! His Love lifted me!

From Rocky to Rocky Balboa

As the credits roll, hundreds of Rocky fans ascend up the famous Philadelphia steps. The final image is of Rocky Balboa’s transcendence. He is standing alone on top of the famous steps, starring out on the sunset of his life and covered with pure white snow.

A Silent Witness – To the Greatest Financial Heist in World History

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. Will Muslims be immune from a potential financial catastrophe. Can anyone really claim to be ignorant of the credit crisis spreading across the globe and what happens to the innocent bystander?

The Glorious Woman in Revelation With a Crown on Her Head, Who is She?

St. John sees a scene from the divine point of view. From the throne of God, he gets God’s view of the Church. And what does he see? It was something very different in the eye of faith than that which he was experiencing in this world. He sees a glorious, a magnificent and beautiful woman clothed with a gleaming garment as brilliant as the sun.

Good News That Will Make You Happy

We all desire a bit of good news in life. This article tells us the one and only way one can constantly have this news that can make him/her happy.

King David and Shimei

All readers of the Bible know that there are many stories depicting human frailty that are truly sad. I think one of the most pitiful scenes in history was that of King David running from his own son, Absalom.

Obedience and Sacrifice – A Trial of Faith

When Abraham’s faith in God passed the test/trial on Obedience and Sacrifice, the Lord was so pleased and excited that He lavishly declared blessings upon him and ratified same with an oath. These blessings are also available for us today, and this article has helped to point them out for us to help us get or appropriate them for our own good.

Properly Handling Your Communion Supplies

There is no denying that one of the most important elements used in the church are communion supplies. However, there are a couple of main items that are required in a Holy Communion.

God is Still Involved – Good News

Some Christians might have concluded that the Lord Jesus Christ has gone back to heaven where He was and from where He came to establish the Church, and then turned His back to the Church and all about her, leaving her to go the way she feels and grapple with whatever she sees as she is able to. This article tells us that there is more that belief than meets the eye.

God’s Promises Are Without Repentance – Good News

At all times and in all seasons, God expects those who come to Him to bear in mind that He does not/cannot fail in any of His promises. He wants man to have implicit faith and hope in what He has said, because there is reason why He should fail in redeeming all He has promised.

God is Not a Partial Judge – Good News

The Bible reveals that God is not a partial judge, that He is the final arbiter, the one that judges or will judge all the earth and even the heavens. He is the One to whom all will give account of how they lived, what they did and did not do.

Getting Familiar With Communion Trays

Communion trays to some people might look like a big flat dish or saucer with various holes in it. Although it may seem very foreign to someone who might not be familiar with the traditions of the Catholic or Christian church, this item is actually quite common among Christian circles.

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