The Secret Life Hidden In Jesus

We, the Christians of the world, those of unquestioned spiritual pedigree because of our commitment to the gospel of unreserved repentance, are considered to know such a life that’s coming – the New Heaven and New Earth – but we do not. We can only imagine it.

Psalm 146 – The LORD Is My Life

It’s easy for a Christian to become despondent as he or she looks increasingly at a crumbling world; popularity is competitively decadent, just as morality is in decline, yet so many things about life brim with hope. We easily lose our way if we’re focused on the wrong things. Psalm 146 is a song of praise that comes to us in the form of a hymn, though we can view it, also, from the wisdom genre, for it contrasts the ways of the wise and foolish. The psalm helps us to refocus on God when we are discouraged in our faith.

Atheists in Israel – Oh My God!

Yes, it’s true! 2.0 million Jews (around 33% of the Jewish population) identify themselves as secular. Surveys have shown that Israel – The Holy Land – has one of the highest proportions of non believers in the world!

When Did Satan Fall?

The Fall of Lucifer is recorded in the Bible, and what you will read in this article will probably surprise you! Satan’s fall is not some event that is hidden within the annuls of time. But when and where it happened, that is the surprising truth.

The Unusual Story of Jack The Huckster

Many years ago in England, there was a poor man known to all as ‘Jack the Huckster’. Jack, a notorious, swearing drunkard, made his living by selling cheap goods and fake trinkets from door to door and one day, as he was out and about plying his wares, he listened to a poor woman singing these words- “I’m a poor sinner and nothing at all; But Jesus Christ is my All in All” As he went home he kept repeating these words to himself. They impacted him.

Precious Is The Blood Of The Lamb

It is amazing but true how the shed blood of Jesus over two thousand years ago still have power to save today. It is wonderful to know that light has come to believers and no longer are we walking in darkness without a hope.

Blessings Follow in Serving God

When we dedicate our lives to God’s will for us, he truly endows us with many blessings. Our lives improve, because we receive from God for giving to him, in service to him. In this article, I share knowledge on some of the blessings which we do receive for serving him.

How God Used a German Officer to Save Israel and Preserve His Kingdom Plan

Because God is in control, He will fulfill His predicted kingdom plan. In fact, due to His amazing sovereignty, God is able to use one man-and not who we might expect-to save the nation of Israel and preserve His kingdom program. This article shows how God did just that at a critical time in the 20th century.

What If There Was Proof There Is a God

Proving there is a God would have fantastic ramifications for all of mankind. Proving that each and every verse of the Biblical story of creation is in sync with the teachings of modern science is that proof and the rationale for belief and thus blind faith is no longer needed.

Do Men Make Good Leaders of Nations?

First Samuel Chapter eight opens up with the Prophet Samuel retiring, and making his two son the leaders of the Isrealites. The People confront Samuel because of the corruption of his sons. The people wanted a king likeother nations. After approaching God, he returned to the people with a warning about men as leaders.

Test All Things

All things of God should be ‘tested’ in order to find out whether they are genuinely from God or not. This calls for the discernment of wisdom – the patience to wait upon further evidence and, therefore, confirmation. Until such times, all those bringing prophecy should be kindly respected.

Homosexuals: God’s Beloved Children

There has been a lot of controversy and pain caused by religious movements who have claimed that God does not approve of homosexuality, or that if someone is a practicing homosexual, they are destined for hell. I am very familiar with this issue, because I struggled with it myself several years ago.

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