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What Is Christianity?


What Is Christianity?

When we hear the word ‘Christianity,’ we may assume that it refers to a belief in God. In fact, Christianity has many aspects. For example, Jesus said that a person needs to “believe in the name of the Son of God and repent of his sins.” But this doesn’t mean that a person has to believe in the name of Jesus or become a Christian to benefit from it. Christians believe in the name of the Son of God to become a child of God, and that salvation is offered through baptism.

According to the Bible, a person is made up of both a soul and a body. Therefore, Christ came to save human souls and raise up both the body and the spirit. This belief is reflected in the fact that twenty to one1% of the gospel accounts of Jesus’ public ministry mention physical healings and exorcisms. The apostles were called to make this public, so they could preach the word of God.

However, the Christian belief in spiritual warfare was controversial. The idea of spiritual warring with the demonic was frowned upon by many evangelicals. They accused it of being theologically heterodox and scripturally ungrounded, as well as promoting a dangerous obsession with demonic forces. Many Christians considered the idea of spiritual warfare to be dangerous, as it absolved individual responsibility for sin, elevated believers to an almost God-like status, and claimed that Christian prayers could change the outcome of a cosmological battle between God and Satan.

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