Apostles don’t make GREAT PASTORS!

A Desire For Self (Pleasure) – What God Hates in a Man

A man’s way is hated by God when he does not seek as a priority, what pleases the LORD for his life; when he goes for that which is right in his own eyes; when pleasure over-rides the will of God; and when he cannot say “no” to the flesh in order to obey God. Selfish desire or pleasure-seeking has become the undoing of a lot of people who once found themselves on the ladder of greatness.

Being Ruled by the Flesh – What God Hates in a Man

The service of God means a life of total surrender. When you surrender your life for the Lord, you surrender your future, your family, your reputation and ultimately everything about you, so as to acknowledge His Lordship over you. It is evident that good intentions do not guarantee good results. A good start does not ensure a strong finish.

False Prophets – Who Are They and Should We Fear Them?

I find that the Christian world is obsessed with the subject of false prophets. As a prophet of the Lord, I have had the charge leveled at me that I am a false teacher and false prophet. As a true prophet of God, a man that has a good idea why I am here on earth and the job that has been set down for me to do as a prophet. In this articles we are looking at my idea of what a false prophet is and whether we should fear them.

One Secret to Growing in the Anointing of God That Has Worked For Me

If there is one thing that many people want it is to have more of God’s power in their lives. The ability to move in the anointing with power is something that many normal and average church goers would really like. Yet with all the people that want to grow in the anointing there seem few people with the ideas of how people can grow in the anointing. In this short article I am going to let you know something that is very simple, however if it is not applied it is doubtful you will grow in the anointing.

Free Christian Dream Interpretation – Are You Dreams Agreeing With Your Actions?

Many people have a destiny and purpose and are working toward them as best they can. What are your dreams saying about your progress and what do you need to do to align your life to your destiny?

The Prophecy of Noah – An Amazing Revelation

Did you know that every word in the Bible is put there for our benefit? That’s true. Jesus said so in Matthew 4:4.

Compassion and Love – A Commodity of Our Trade

Through compassion and love for people, Jesus multiplied seven loaves of bread and a few small fishes to feed 4000 men, excluding women and children. This happened after He healed many that were lame, blind, dumb, maimed, etc. When Jesus saw the multitude, who had been with Him without food for the past three days, and then ordered them to be refreshed, when it has become obvious to His disciples that He is not willing to send them away empty so as not to faint on the way.

Thinking Outside the Box

Ready for some stretching? Is it possible we are allowed to change as we discover more and more in His Word? Try this idea…

Secrets of the Bible – The Creation

The concept of ancient man about universe was quite amazing. He considered it to be a huge oval shaped room. The shining stars were embedded in its beautiful blue roof. Its expanse was also treacherous. Several kinds of beautiful birds used to fly in it, the clouds used to float and the wind blew there. Its floor, the Earth, was also most beautiful.

Taking Vengeance – What God Hates in a Man

Vengeance is a word that stands for revenge or retaliation. It is generally a hard word to use among friends and relations. Many of us Christians find it difficult to accept others back when they offend us. After someone has done something wrong to us, the wisest thing to do next is to forgive, but it is becoming too hard these days forgive one another. It is true that no one can undo sin, but we can only repent of it sincerely.

Unholy Association – What God Hates in a Man

We live in a world where people take delight in breaking laws. Those who benefit from a word of genuine caution have an opportunity to rethink their action, retrace their steps, and re-strategize or seek protection as the case may be, to avert unwanted consequences of current behaviour or contemplated action. The way people rush into certain actions and decisions in life is a marvel to all of us.

Living Right – A Commodity of Our Trade

Righteousness simply means right living; doing the right thing before God; forgiving one another, being faithful, being truthful, not being evasive of saying the truth. Anyone living right is willing accept error, willing to be punished for error and will even confess error before anyone begins to challenge him/her; not crafty/clever, selfish or self-centered.

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