Apparently Christian Persecution Is A Myth And Isn’t Real At All

Pray For Those That Spitefully Use You and Persecute You – Matthew 5:44

Reading through these teachings one by one makes you really have a wakeup call. For these teachings are the wisdom of God and that is so far removed from what we in the flesh want to do.

Who is Paul?

Who is this most important eye witness to Jesus Christ? Paul was born as Saul in Tarsus. He was a pure bred Israelite of the Tribe of Benjamin. Gamaliel was a very famous teacher under which he studied.

3 Steps to Following Through on Your Idea

Everyone has ideas, and probably good ideas too. Unfortunately, most people do nothing with them and those ideas never make it to the discussion table. Here’s what you need to do:

Biblical Tithing – Tithing is Abolished in the New Testament

Many Christian preachers are guilty of religious malpractice. They tell churchgoers God requires them to pay tithes in order to prosper. However, what they preach about tithing does not line up with the Bible. The truth is that tithing is not a Christian duty.

When the Circumstances Are Difficult and Grim, Know That You Can Overcome With Jesus Christ!

Read the letter of John in the New Testament and enjoy every blessing God has for you and commit yourself to faithful service. This article is based on Chapter 5 of that beautiful letter. When we are committed to Almighty God through Jesus Christ, we are then called to love our brothers and sister on earth!

Who Can Deliver Us and Set Us Free From Sins, Fear, and So Much More?

I was taking you through that beautiful and profound “hymn of love” in John’s first letter in Chapter 4, and these opening sentences in Chapter 5 are equally beautiful and just as deep and profound, and yet so basic and foundational to our Christian Faith. If you have been born of God, you have been born into a family. Not only do you have a heavenly Family, but you have earthly brothers and sisters. There are two families and they do not get on with each other. There will always be a tension. There has been a tension since the beginning. A man may believe in God. He may believe that there is a God and that God exists, but there comes that point where a man has to come to believe in Jesus Christ.

The New Atheism – Part Deux

The Christian religion promises eternal life in a paradise for those who are qualified and punishment for those who don’t measure up. Atheists settle for eating, drinking, and being merry (much of the merriment being provided by poking fun at the Christians who don’t follow suit). Unfortunately, there are plenty of flaky Christians to provide the pundit’s with stand-up comedy material. With the help of organizations such as the ACLU and Freedom From Religion, atheists try to use the constitution which promises freedom of religion as an instrument in spreading their bad news that “Ding Dong the God is dead.” Long live human intellect.”

How to Write the Perfect Sermon

How do you possibly write the perfect sermon? This article looks at what steps you can follow that will make your sermons inspiring.

God’s Objectivity

It is not through knowledge of the world that we come to know God’s place in the world. But rather it is by being known by God that we come to know our place in the world. The difference involves a seismic shift in perspective.

Where is God These Days?

As we look at the world around us, as we hear about what people are doing, as we look at what’s happening in our own town and perhaps even observe the people in our own families – those who are nearest and dearest to us, we may wonder – at times – just where is God – today…? As we all know, from our studies of the Bible, God appeared (during the Exodus) as a cloud in the daytime and as a pillar of fire at night.

Thou Shalt Not Kill – How Does This Commandment Apply to the Church, the Individual, and Society?

Without argument, the commandment of God with which the race as a whole and the Church in specific has had the most problem, concerning which the most confusion exists, and with respect to which the most misguided actions of religious men have been committed is this one. Devout men of the faith have been guilty of violating this commandment and failing their responsibilities to their families, all the while believing that obedience to it is one of their strongest testimonies to the world. This great commandment thunders down on us out of the smoke, fire, and quaking of Horeb, the Mountain of God.

The Christians’ Guilt

Christian folk should learn from this imaginary story. A mother was told that a woman almost chopped off the finger of her only beautiful daughter because she stole her one hundred dollars. When the mother of this little girl heard about it, she refused to listen to any eyewitness account.

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