April 8, 2022

Adam – Part 1

Adam was created in the image of God…in His likeness. Many assume this means that man looks like God and God looks like man. That may or may not be true, although I’m sure that there is a family resemblance for those of us in Christ.

The Plus Points of Bible Software

The Bible is the life story of Jesus and the diary of the Apostles. Everything, along with every question and answer are most likely written down here. The handheld manuscript Bible was and is the reference of our life’s own stories. The obstacles and challenges one encounters will be a glimpse of what others has experienced in their lives.

Bible Story Faux Pas – A Creative Way to Tell a Bible Story

Could your kids detect any faux pas or mistakes in a Bible story you read to them? Try this creative way to share a Bible story that will help keep your kids’ attention and give them some giggles too.

The Lord is My Shepherd

Does the 23rd Psalm remind you of death and funerals? It should, because it’s one of the most common passages of the Bible recited at funerals. Maybe it’s the thought our loved ones “walking through the valley of the shadow of death, fearing no evil” that brings so much comfort. This thought is indeed, very comforting, but somehow when I read it I don’t think of death at all, but life.

Michaelmas Day

Michaelmas Day is the Day of St. Michael and All the Angels. Michael was the Archangel who defeated Lucifer and banished him. He is one of the main angelic warriors, protector of the night, and the giver of cosmic intelligence. He is the patron saint of the sea, ships, and horses. He is celebrated for his defeat of Lucifer.

Membership is Not a Club

“Food is meant for the stomach and the stomach for food — and God will destroy both one and the other. The body is not meant for sexual immorality, but for the Lord, and the Lord for the body” (1 Corinthians 6:13). The worldly wisdom expressed in this popular saying was that bodily activities — eating, drinking, sexing, etc. — are intended for the body and have no impact upon the mind or the spirit.

Church Marketing – Growing Your Church – Did You Know There Are Thousands Searching For Your Church?

Are you trying to grow your church? Did you know that there are hundreds to thousands looking for your church, and if you aren’t grabbing them as they come by you are missing out. Like to know how to find them? Here’s how many are actually searching for you right where you are? And how many you could have setting in your church within a month … If only you knew how. Find out how here.

Let’s Simplify Church

The Kingdom of God is experiencing its greatest growth in the most unlikey places today: China, India, the Middle East, etc., while the American Multi-Denominational Institutional Church that we all know and love – from which most of us came – is shrinking. Three places in the USA where the Kingdom is thriving the most are in its prison facilities, its workplaces and in its homes. Hmmm. We can’t help but detect a pattern and some commonalities: These thriving Kingdom communities consist of people who meet in smaller relational groups that are less recognized and less formal.

Overlooking Offenses is For Your Benefit

We have visited the topic of anger MANY times here at Moms of Faith. However, this part of anger is a little different. This is a vengeful type anger. An unforgiving anger. An anger that requires someone to pay.

The Ethics of the Psalms

The ancient poetry of the biblical psalms tells us much about many things from ritual to cultist practice to cries of lament and praise, but its approach to ethics is often left out to a higher focus on even a single, smaller book like Deuteronomy. When we commence a study of ethics in the psalms we can’t really help starting at the very first psalm which contrasts very cogently the austere consequences for righteousness and wickedness. But that’s just the start.

Old Testament Books – Not What We Think

Many who read the Old Testament allow modern conceptions of what books are influence the way in which they read. Yet there are at least two very important reasons why Old Testament texts are not really what we think of when we think of “books.”

Is the End of World Near? 4 Biblical Signs That the World is Ending

All around the world, people are asking, “Is the end of world near?” This may be particularly true for Christians, who can see several of the signs of the end that were predicted in the Bible. Whether you’re looking forward to the end or dreading it, the signs are there. Take a look at some of the prophecies.

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